Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers by Normann Copenhagen Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers by Normann Copenhagen

    Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers by Normann Copenhagen

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    Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers
    Made of Porcelain

    Designer: uskMitNavn & Troels Øder Hansen
    Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

    Decorate your table with Friends, a unique set of salt and pepper shakers that are both collectibles and conversation pieces. Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers Set by Normann Copenhagen. Perhaps inspired by the Blue Oyster Gay Bar (Police Academy) - The Blue Oyster bar is a fictional bar, and the setting of a recurring scene. Known for its leather-donned crowd (dressed to the nines) and famous waltz "El Bimbo" by Bimbo Jet. Now you can dance for sweet romance; make an entry, bust a move, the style is perfect for a bar or elegant ballroom dance that is sometimes done at formal parties (such as weddings) or just for fun. Dimensions (in): 2.75 dia | 4.3 h. Price is for 1 set containing 2 pieces. Dishwasher safe.

    Meet Normann Copenhagens new Friends The anonymous artist, HuskMitNavn, and designer, Troels Oder Hansen, have created yet another quirky design for Normann Copenhagen - one with both edge and a twinkle in its eye. The pair of salt and pepper shakers - which have been nicknamed Gordon & Andreas - belong to the Friends series which stands out as having personality, humour and character. The design plays on the double meaning of the Danish word "bøsse" (which means both "shaker" and "gay"), and the two friends come with or without a painted leather vest, signifying either the salt or the pepper shaker. HuskMitNavn vs. Troels Øder Hansen explain: Friends is a series based on the principle that it's more fun when it's funny. The salt and pepper shakers reflect this, exemplifying that everyday objects need not be dull.

    Collection: Normann Copenhagen
    Product Code: friends
    Material: porcelain
    Dimensions: 4.3" height x 2.75" diameter
    Weight: 8 oz
    Use: kitchen table
    Product Category: salt and pepper shakers

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