Nanimarquina Figura Humana Rug by Eduardo Chillida Nanimarquina Figura Humana Rug by Eduardo Chillida

    Nanimarquina Figura Humana Rug by Eduardo Chillida

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    Nanimarquina Figura Humana Rug by Eduardo Chillida

    Designer: Eduardo Chillida
    Manufacturer: Nanimarquina

    Samples of all Nanimarquina rugs are on display in our Sonoma showroom! Custom rug sizes available upon request.

    Nanimarquina Figura Humana Rug by Eduardo Chillida. Figura Humana was designed by Eduardo Chillida in 1948. We feel incredibly fortunate to bring these fine Eduardo Chillida rugs to the market. Equally stunning on the floor or as art when hung on the wall. Figura Humana was designed by leading abstract artist Eduardo Chillida in 1949. This exceptional art piece is marked by the contrast between the solidity of the human form and the openness of the design. Figura Humana is a fine example of Eduardo Chillida's philisophy; that is that the negative and the positive space which the work inhabits, and which the work defines, is really important. With Figura Humana, Eduardo Chillida sought and succeeded in visualizing what you do not see. Figura Humana's interaction with its surrounding is fundamental to Chillida's artistic vision.

    Eduardo Chillida, born in 1924, is ranked among the most acclaimed sculptors of the second half of the 20th century. Eduardo Chillida spent the early years of his artistic career in Paris, where Ancient Greek sculpture as well as the works of avant-garde masters like Gaston Lachaise, Le Corbusier and Picasso really influenced his work. Chillida is regarded as a vanguard among his contemporaries for the dialog he created between monumental works and their surrounding spaces. His work is characterized by elemental forms, pared down to satisfy his essentially ascetic vision.

    The exceptional collection of Chillida area rugs by Nanimarquina is based on a chronological selection of Chillida's most celebrated works. These modern works of art are accurately translated by Nanimarquina into fine area rugs which can also be used as decorative wall art. All of these fine rugs are handmade using various techniques and different materials like wool, silk and mohair. Each rug is fully authorized the by Eduardo Chillida's estate and takes several master rug artisans up to 12 weeks to create.

    Nanimarquina rugs carry the "Care & Fair label", an organization that since 1995 acts against child labor.

    We can make custom rug sizes according to your space, as long as the size respects the original proportions of the artwork.

    Dimensions: 6'7" x 9'7" (200 x 293 cm)
    Creation: handmade
    Technique: hand knotted
    Fiber: 100% New Zealand wool
    Density: 137,000.00 knots per square meter
    Pile Height: 12 mm
    Total Height: 15 mm
    Weight: 3.8 kg per square meter
    Maintenance: dry clean if necessary

    Usually ships in 2-3 weeks