Rosendahl: 8" Wood Mrs. Santa Clara by Kay Bojesen Rosendahl: 8" Wood Mrs. Santa Clara by Kay Bojesen

    Rosendahl: 8" Wood Mrs. Santa Clara by Kay Bojesen

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    Kay Bojesen Mrs. Santa Clara by Rosendahl
    Rosendahl Wooden Mrs. Santa Clara By Kay Bojesen

    Designer: Kay Bojesen
    Manufacturer: Rosendahl

    The Danish designer Kay Bojesen drew this famous Santa Claus in 1948, but poor Santa was on his own without Mrs. Claus for many years. Together, they make a delightful couple on a shelf or windowsill in the run-up to Christmas. Kay Bojesen's Red/White Lacquered Wood Mrs. Santa Clara poseable figure comes with a wooden spoon in her hand, and she is ready to serve a holiday meal.
    8" Wood Mrs. Santa Clara (Red/White) by Kay Bojesen - the perfect addition to your Holiday Decor along with the matching Santa Claus. The joyful Kay Bojesen Mrs. Santa Clara figurine stands out because of its timeless design and beautiful (high-quality) construction.
    Kay Bojesen's jolly Mrs. Santa Clara is carved from beech and vibrantly painted to convey the festive spirit of Christmas.

    Kay Bojesen (1886–1958) was an apprentice of Georg Jensen, training as a silversmith in 1910. After a few years in Germany and France, he began working as a silversmith in Copenhagen. In the 1930s he realised there was something particularly lively about wood, and his wooden figures have made him one of the great pioneers of Danish art manufacture. Happily, Kay Bojesen was far too curious to restrict himself to the work of refining metals, and he began experimenting with other materials. In the course of his exploration, he discovered wood as a material with very special possibilities for industrial treatment and styling. This discovery led to the classic guardsmen and a whole zoological garden taking shape between his hands.

    Dimensions: 8"H
    Material: lacquered beech wood

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