B-Line 4/4 Round Table by Rodolfo Bonetto B-Line 4/4 Round Table by Rodolfo Bonetto

    B-Line 4/4 Round Table by Rodolfo Bonetto

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    B-Line Rodolfo Bonetto 4/4 Quattro Quarti
    Modern Round Multi-Sectional Coffee Table

    Designer: Rodolfo Bonetto
    Manufacturer: B-Line

    The 4/4 Quattro Quarti was designed by Italian design legend Rodolfo Bonetto in 1969. This beautiful round coffee table with its 4 modular pieces is included in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.  An icon in the history of 20th century Italian modern space age design.  Four sections identical to each other make up the Quattro Quarti 4/4, a versatile practical table made of injection- moulded ABS plastic. Thanks to the use of inserts (also made of ABS) the sections can be stacked on top of each other to create a modular bookcase. While by joining the elements together in a number of different ways, circular or undulating tables can be created. Quattro Quarti 4/4 is a perfect fit in a residential setting where it can be used as a coffee table or for commercial locations where it can be used for display purposes.

    A multi-sectioned coffee table with multi-dimensional possibilities! Join the four identical segments of the 4/4 into a perfect circle or mix it up into a meandering line that twists and turns throughout your room! Join even more units together to elongate the shape or stack them on top of each other to create a modular bookcase! Available in solid and semi-transparent colors, the 4/4 is a uniquely versatile piece with endless potential! Sturdy as well, this is made of superior grade plastic which is almost indestructible.

    Collection: B-Line
    B-Line Product Code: quattroquarti
    Material: plastic
    Dimensions: 39.37" diameter x 11.81" height
    Use: indoor, living room, dining room, bedroom, office
    Shape: round
    Finish: glossy
    Product Category: furniture, tables, coffee tables
    Style: modern, contemporary
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