Birdy Modern Prefabricated Birdhouse in Concrete Birdy Modern Prefabricated Birdhouse in Concrete

    Birdy Modern Prefabricated Birdhouse in Concrete

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    Birdy Modern Prefabricated Birdhouse in Concrete
    Made in Switzerland

    Birdy is the name (and Love is the game) of this Swiss-made prefabricated modern (love) birdhouse fashioned from precast fiber-contrete; a lightweight cement. This modern birdhouse for birds (not for humans) fits in nicely with any modern home. The top can be removed for cleaning. We had a good chuckle with the following info the manufacturer provided: 'The material is breathable, which is ideal for breeding lovebirds. The small peephole leaves the nesting ones alone because no large birds or squirrels can enter.' No prying eyes! Leave those lovebirds alone.

    Fiber cement's main ingredients are: cement, powdered limestone, cellulose and synthetic fibers, water and air. Because fiber is combined with cement you get all the benefits associated with sleek concrete but in a lightweight design. Though delicate looking, this concrete table is plenty sturdy and durable. The concrete-like material withstands weather and is frost proof when used properly (no standing water). It resists heat, rain, and snow while still being light and fireproof.

    Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 9".

    Collection: birdhouses
    Product Code: birdy-modern-birdhouse
    Material: recycled natural fiber cement
    Use: outdoor, garden, terrace, patio
    Product Category: garden

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