Alvar Aalto 400 Tank Chair by Artek Alvar Aalto 400 Tank Chair by Artek

    Alvar Aalto 400 Tank Chair by Artek

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    Artek Finland | Alvar Aalto Furniture

    Alvar Aalto 400 Tank Chair by Artek
    Artek Alvar Aalto Collection made in Finland

    Designer: Alvar Aalto
    Manufacturer: Artek
    Collection: Artek Alvar Aalto

    Alvar Aalto's 400 Tank Chair upholstered with Aalto's classic Zebra-print upholstery.  The Zebra-print upholstery is the original fabric specified by Alvar Aalto when he introduced the 400 Chair in 1936. Other upholstery choices are available. Please contact us if you prefer a different upholstery.

    The 400 Chair (more commonly known as the Tank Chair), designed by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto in 1936, is one of the icons of furniture design and a Stardust Staff Pick. The 400 Tank armchair is one of the most beautiful chairs designed by Alvar Aalto. Its lightness and structural genius are without compare. Admired as much for its sculptural presence as for its comfort, the 400 Tank Chair by Alvar Aalto is a tour de force in bentwood that seems to test the limits of plywood manufacturing.  Thoughtfully created, its bent arms, solid wood frame with metal springs and classic zebra-print upholstered foam cushion give the armchair a substantial feel. The low-slung sled base has earned it the nickname of the "tank".  Part of design history, this piece can be viewed in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. Made in Finland by Artek with an uncompromising approach to craftsmanship.  Available from Stardust with Free Shipping and a Low Price Guarantee.

    The armchair 400, designed by Alvar Aalto and better known as Tank, is one of the absolute milestones in furniture design of the 20th century.  Alvar Aalto designed the Tank chair in 1936 for the Milan Triennale. The voluminous chair attracted much attention and was awarded during the fair. The Tank chair was an exception compared to Aalto’s previous pieces of furniture both for its shape and for its premises.  Previously Aalto designed all his chairs for a certain architecture destination, but the Tank was designed as commission work for the Triennale. The sturdy seat and the wide armrests offer a comfortable seating experience and give the chair its characteristic appearance – which reminds of a tank. The lightness seen in Alvar Aalto's first chairs had now changed into a more massive look and the seat had become lower.  Nowadays the upholstery options are many and include also a number of fresh colors.  But of all the original upholsteries, the original Zebra upholstery remains a favorite.

    We at Stardust have a profound love for Alvar Aalto design so make sure to check our Aalto Collection. Born in the arctic north, Finnish designer Alvar Aalto was a central figure in international modernism, architecture and design.  Many of his designs are included in the collection of MoMA New York.  Alvar Aalto's design has its own aesthetic expression and appearance. The foundations are purity, simplicity and naturalness, themes which recur in Alvar Aalto's design for Artek. Look at any prominent Alvar Aalto design icon and you'll notice that it has certain distinctive characteristics. The main ones are simple lines, successfully combined with often ingenious functionality. We're talking about products that are so simple, that they're incredibly advanced. Each detail has a purpose, each solution a reason. Many of his furniture and lighting designs, such as the Paimio Chair, Aalto's E60 Stool and the Aalto A 331 Beehive Lamp, are internationally recognized design classics. These beautiful icons truly capture the spirit of Alvar Aalto's design philosophy.

    Collection Museum of Modern Art, New York.

    Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about the Alvar Aalto design collection by Artek. As one of the largest and most specialized Artek showrooms, our friendly and knowledgeable staff has a comprehensive knowledge about the Alvar Aalto collection.  We are committed to serving our customers and we always look forward to be of service to you!  Let us know if we can be of assistance.

    Collection: Artek
    Artek Product Code: 400
    Dimensions: 25.6"H x 30.3"W x 30.3"D 
    Seat Height: 14.6"H 
    Armrests Height: 20.1"H
    Material: form pressed birch wood, foam, upholstery
    Finish: natural birch wood
    Use: indoor, living room, dining room, bedroom, office
    Country of Origin: Finland
    Product Category: furniture, chairs, chaises
    Style: scandinavian design, modern, contemporary
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