Alfredo Haberli (Alfredo Häberli)

Alfredo Häberli (b. 1964) is an internationally established designer. Alfredo Häberli was born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied industrial design in Switzerland. One of the most charismatic designers of the new century, today, he is a well-known international designer based in Zurich. In his designs, Häberli successfully combines tradition and renewal. There is joy and energy in his designs. The human being is the starting point of Häberli's design process. His objects and structures are designed to be used. He is unprejudiced and inventive in his observation of the actual situation in which an object is used and does not create form for the sake of it. Based on his insights, he designs changes to the archetypes of objects that have developed through the times, which makes the everyday objects around people fit this time and the situation they are used in precisely.

In 1988 Alfredo Häberli began to work for the Museum für Gestatung in Zürich, where he designed untill today the installations of a host of shows. From 1993 - 1999 he worked alone or in cooperation with Christophe Marchand for international companies such as Alias, Authentics, Edra, Driade, Luceplan, Thonet, Zanotta, etc. Alfredo Häberli is developing products for Asplund, Bally, Cappellini, Ittala, Leitner, Magis, Rörstrand, Wogg, Zeritalia.