Bauhaus era Christmas Ornaments (set of 12) Bauhaus era Christmas Ornaments (set of 12)

    Bauhaus era Christmas Ornaments (set of 12)

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    Bauhaus era Christmas Ornaments (set of 12)
    Set of 12 Christmas Ornaments in Turned maple wood

    Introducing our Bauhaus Era Christmas Ornament Set – a masterpiece inspired by the revolutionary design movement of the 1920s and 1930s. This exquisite set of 12 handmade ornaments, delicately crafted from turned maple wood, embodies the spirit of the iconic Bauhaus era. Each ornament is a testament to the era's emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and bold use of color.

    These ornaments are are pieces of art meticulously re-edited to celebrate the centennial of the Bauhaus era (1919-1933). Each piece in this set is a unique representation of Bauhaus aesthetics, featuring a colorful and elegant minimal design that captures the essence of the movement's principles.

    Imagine unwrapping a beautifully designed gift box to reveal a collection of ornaments that echo the innovative spirit of Bauhaus. Each ornament tells a story of artistic experimentation and creative freedom, reflecting the Bauhaus philosophy that art and technology should be intertwined.

  • Designed Year: 1929/30
  • Material: Turned maple wood
  • Number of Ornaments: Set of 12 handmade ornaments
  • Packaging: Gift boxed
  • Special Feature: Each ornament is unique and re-edited in celebration of the centennial of the Bauhaus era (1919-1933)
  • Manufacturer: IC Design
  • Care Instructions: Dust with soft cloth
  • Made in Germany

  • The price is for a set of 12 ornaments as pictured.

    Material: Turned maple wood and string
    Dimensions H: 1.25" (bell) / H: 4" (cones)

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