Wick LED Portable Rechargeable Table Light Wick LED Portable Rechargeable Table Light

    Wick LED Portable Rechargeable Table Light

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    Wick LED Portable Rechargeable Table Light
    Graypants Design

    Available in Brass or Graphite

    Wick LED Portable Rechargeable Table Light was designed by Graypants in Siattle, Washington USA. Wick is one of the most beautiful & practical table lights for atmosphere or night light. Wick is a whimsical yet functional portable light that can be used for dinner table, late night jaunts to the bathroom with its gently glowing light. Wick has a built-in USB-C rechargeable battery (cable included), so you can carry the light anywhere you want. Touch upper ring to turn on, change brightness (High, Medium, Low, Pulse) and turn off. 3-hour battery Charge time gives at up to 113 Hours for Low, 32hours for medium, 12.8 hours for high and 115 hours for pulse. Wick is the perfect gift. A gift that can illuminate not only the dark, but friendships and families. What better way to give than the gift of light. This beautiful portable rechargeable LED light will be a perfect fit in any interior style. Elegant night lighting, perfect for use as a bedside table lamp or even as a living room accent table lamp.

    Wick Portable Table Light
    Built-in Rechargeable Lithium battery.
    Light Source: 1W LED 2600K
    Material: Plated Aluminum, Acrylic
    Includes USB-C Cord
    Size: 4.7" Diameter x 10.2" Height
    Weight: 0.6 lbs.
    Mode: Touch: (H) high, (M) medium, (L) low, (P) Pulse
    Battery Life: H: 12.8 hrs, M: 32 hrs, L: 113 hrs P: 115 hrs
    For use in a dry location.
    Clean with mild detergent

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