Flatterby Glass Bulb-Shape Pendant Lamp Ingo Maurer - Limited Edition Flatterby Glass Bulb-Shape Pendant Lamp Ingo Maurer - Limited Edition

    Flatterby Glass Bulb-Shape Pendant Lamp Ingo Maurer - Limited Edition

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    Flatterby by ingo maurer

    Flatterby Pendant Lamp by Ingo Maurer
    Ingo Maurer, Germany

    Designer: Ingo Maurer
    Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer

    Flatterby" is an exquisite lighting fixture designed by Ingo Maurer, featuring a large bulb adorned with a graceful white ring serving as its shade. Surrounding the bulb are ten meticulously crafted butterfly models that appear to flutter around it, creating a captivating and enchanting visual display. This stunning light fixture is a limited edition, with only 200 pieces available. Ingo Maurer's selection of butterfly species for "Flatterby" showcases a blend of elegance and diversity. Among the chosen butterflies are the striking Black Swallowtail and the delicate Rice Paper Butterfly, which bring a contrasting black and white aesthetic to the composition. Additionally, the Blue Morpho, renowned for its vibrant blue hues, and a small Brown Moth add a touch of vibrant color and unique charm to the ensemble. The ring encircling the bulb is a precision-crafted 3D printed component, featuring an engraved edition number that signifies its exclusivity within the limited production run. "Flatterby" by Ingo Maurer is not merely a lighting fixture; it is a work of art that combines nature-inspired beauty with cutting-edge design and craftsmanship.

    Light Source: Socket G9, max. 60 W (before: socket B15d, max. 75 W). EEC A-G. 125V, Compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A++ - E. Dimmable (depend on light bulb, dimmer not included)

    Dimensions: 13.77" height x 7.78" diameter, cord length is 7.2'.

    Material: glass, metal, wire, silicone, rice paper

    Cleaning: The insects are very sensitive to kinks, scratches or moisture. Please clean carefully with a very soft brush! You can clean the glass with a standard glass cleaner. A damp microfiber cloth is suitable for the remaining parts of the lamp. However, do not use any cleaning agents that contain solvents or chlorine.

    Limited edition of 200. Available since beginning of September 2016.

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