Flos String Lights by Michael Anastassiades Flos String Lights by Michael Anastassiades

    Flos String Lights by Michael Anastassiades

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    Flos String Lights

    Flos String Light
    Designer: Michael Anastassiades
    Manufacturer: Flos Lighting

    Flos String Lights by Michael Anastassiades. Michael Anastassiades and FLOS lighting have scored a huge success with the String Lights. These poetic, minimal pendant lights showcase the visionary quality that has always characterized the Cypriot designer's work. The shade of the String Lights is outfitted with LED bulbs. Each String Light is connected with either 40 feet or 72 feet of Kevlar reinforced electrical cable. The excessive cord length has its purpose: Anastassiades' design invites users to loop the cable horizontally and vertically, suspending it from hooks into grid shapes hung above a room. The String Light's cabling has a functional point too, allowing it to stretch out from awkwardly-placed electrical points to deliver light across a room.

    The light comes with one of two different pendants - an round orb for ambient lighting; a cone for directional - and with two different lengths of cord. Consumers cut the cabling to length themselves and arrange it into grids of their own devision, or according to schemas developed by Anastassiades detailed in an accompanying booklet.

    String Light by Flos Lighting suspension lamp providing diffused light. Matte black varnished die-cast aluminum body coated with clear soft-touch varnish. Optical diffuser in opal PC. Suspension system of 12 metres with Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable. Available with wall/ceiling connection in black PC and power suppy with floor switch in matt black varnished PC. The on/off switch is electronic with optical mechanism. on/off and dimmer operated by means of Bluetooth Android and Apple remote control application.

    "I was interested in the way lighting cables mark space. When villages host parties they just put up four posts in the village square, connect them with a string of lights and then you have an area where everyone can tell the party is taking place. There's a little bit of that in the design. I love the way it divides the space architecturally, but it attempts to solve a practical problem at the same time: you move into a house and an electricity point is never where you want it to be for a ceiling light. So if you can't have the flexibility of putting a floor lamp in, how do you solve that problem? The String light is just about finding an interesting, poetic solution to that." - Michael Anastassiades

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    Dimensions Cone: 7.5"DIA x 6.3"H
    Dimensions Round: 7.5"DIA x 6.3"H
    Cable Length: 40' or 72'
    Material: black varnished die-cast aluminium body
    Light Source: LED
    Bulb: tba
    Light Output: tba
    Bulb included: yes
    On/off switch: electronic with optical mechanism
    Dimmer: operated w Bluetooth Android and Apple r/c
    Weight: 17.41 lbs
    Certification: UL and cUL listed
    Product code: FU6481030, FU6491030, FU6480030, FU6490030

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