Flos Zeppelin 1 Suspension by Marcel Wanders Flos Zeppelin 1 Suspension by Marcel Wanders

    Flos Zeppelin 1 Suspension by Marcel Wanders

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    Code: FLOS980009

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    Designer: Marcel Wanders
    Manufacturer: Flos Lighting

    Behold the Flos Zeppelin Suspension Lamp – an exquisite masterpiece born from the visionary imagination of Marcel Wanders. This iconic luminary artfully reimagines traditional elegance within a cocoon of innovation. At first glance, the Zeppelin reveals its inner soul – a traditional chandelier ingeniously encapsulated in a breathtaking cocoon. Marcel Wanders' creative genius comes to life as the lamp's internal steel structure is delicately sprayed with a unique "cocoon" resin, crafting an enchanting diffuser. Protected by a transparent spray, this ethereal cocoon casts a soft, inviting glow, transforming any space it graces. Transparent PMMA "candles" adorn the lamp's interior, evoking the warm ambiance of candlelight, while a faceted crystal globe nestled at the lower center adds a touch of whimsy, casting a mesmerizing sparkle that captivates the senses. The Flos Zeppelin Suspension Lamp is more than a mere lighting fixture; it's a testament to artistry in lighting design. Elevate your surroundings with this fusion of tradition and innovation, where the classic chandelier finds new life in an enchanting cocoon of light and creativity.

    Flos Product Code: FU980009
    Material: Plastic and Steel
    Environments: Indoor dry location
    Power: 250W / Voltage: 120V
    Dimensions: 29.1"Height x 43.3" Diameter
    Cord/Cable Length: 157"
    Weight: 33.07lb
    Light Source: 1 x 150W E26 T10 Halogen Lamp (included)
    Dimmable Remote Dimmable (Dimmer Not Included)
    Style: modern, classical, decorative

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