Lapa Ceiling Fan by The Modern Fan Company Lapa Ceiling Fan by The Modern Fan Company

    Lapa Ceiling Fan by The Modern Fan Company

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    Lapa Ceiling Fan by the Modern Fan Company

    Lapa Ceiling Fan

    Modern Fan Lapa Ceiling Fan
    Modern Ceiling Fans by The Modern Fan Co

    Designer: Ron Rezek
    Manufacturer: The Modern Fan Co
    Collection: Ceiling Fans

    Lapa Ceiling Fan designed by Ron Rezek and manufactured by The Modern Fan Company. At The Modern Fan Company, the creation of the Lapa Ceiling Fans require unfaltering expertise and skills. The Lapa Fan has one of the most powerful motors which efficiently moves over 5047 cubic feet per minute while consuming only 57 watts at high speed. The Lapa ceiling fan by The Modern Fan Co. is easy to install, looks beautiful and works like a charm. Plus, it is very silent compared to other fans. Available with 6 blade finishes and with optional light kit. Includes 4.5" and 12.5" down rods, yielding 16" or 24" overall height. UL Listed for damp locations. Need a ceiling fan for tall or vaulted ceilings? We offer additional downrod extensions and an adapter for vaulted/sloped ceilings.

    The Lapa ceiling fan efficiently moves plenty of air so you'll keep air moving, feel cooler, and there will be less need to run the air conditioning continuously. This beautiful modern ceiling fan cools in the spring and summer and moves stagnant air during heating season in fall and winter. Lapa features a simple, vertical orientation particularly appropriate for lofts, stores and other high-ceiling applications. The fan can accommodate a sloped ceiling up to 33 degrees. For slopes over 33 degrees but under 45 degrees, use the sloped ceiling adapter (sold separately). Includes 4.5" and 12.5 downrods for 16" or 24" overall height. Optional downrods available for alternate heights.

    Flush Mount Kit is available at $25.00 additional.

    Selecting the right fan, what you need to know:

    The more space between the blades and the ceiling, the more effectively your fan will circulate and distribute air. However, building codes require that the blades of a ceiling fan must be at least 7-feet above the floor. Generally, we recommend hanging the fan as far down from the ceiling as is visually appropriate, while maintaining the 7-foot blade clearance above the floor. When dealing with higher ceilings, one-third the distance to the floor is a good guideline. We generally recommend one of our flush mount models for 8-foot ceilings. Keep in mind that optional light kits may add several inches to the overall length of the fan.

    The Modern Fan Co ceiling fans do not use conventional pull chains which is a nice minimal design feature. When ordering your fan, you should select the control that is most appropriate for your fan and electrical requirements. All controls are designed for use with one fan only.

    Assembly and installation is required. Power supply must be turned off prior to any contact with electrical wires. As with any electrical product, it is recommended that a licensed electrician be hired to install your ceiling fan.

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    Collection: The Modern Fan Company
    Modern Fan Product Code: LAPA
    Material Fan Structure: aluminum
    Material Blades: lacquered wood
    Dimensions without Blades: 16" height x 7" diameter
    Dimensions Ceiling Cap: 5.25" diameter
    Fan Weight: 22.8 lbs.
    Airflow: 5047 cubic feet per minute
    Energy Information: 57 watts, 5047 cfm, 89 cfm/watt
    Voltage: 120
    Shape: fan
    Finish: various
    Use: indoor, living room, dining room, bedroom, office
    Product Category: fans, ceiling fans
    Style: modern, contemporary
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