FontanaArte 3005 Tour Table by Gae Aulenti FontanaArte 3005 Tour Table by Gae Aulenti

    FontanaArte 3005 Tour Table by Gae Aulenti

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    FontanaArte 3005 Tour Table
    Designer: Gae Aulenti
    Manufacturer: FontanaArte

    FontanaArte 3005 Tour Table by Gae Aulenti, a table on wheels. Tour is made in Italy by FontanaArte. Tour is one of the most unique and eccentric coffee tables around. This icon of late 20th century Italian furniture design is by the hand of notable Italian designer Gae Aulenti. Gae Aulenti (December 4, 1927 – October 31, 2012) was an Italian architect, lighting and interior designer, and industrial designer. The Tour is a table with a float ground-glass top (0.6Ӡthick). There are four rotating wheels fixed to the glass top with four stainless steel plates. It also has chromium-plated brackets and all-rubber wheels. A real conversation piece for the home or the office.

    Gae Aulenti is well known for several large-scale museum projects, including Musee d'Orsay in Paris (1980–86), the Contemporary Art Gallery at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Palazzo Grassi in Venice (1985–86) and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (2000–2003). Gae Aulenti was one of the few women designing in the postwar period in Italy, and created many elegant pieces for FontanaArte and Martinelli Luce.

    Dimensions: 29.2"H x 47.2"W x 47.2"D
    Material: Stainless Steel/Glass

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