Lead Time

Our estimated shipping lead times are based on several factors, including your destination address, how quickly we can obtain and assemble items for shipment (the "usually ships in" time listed on a product's detail page).

Please read the estimated shipping lead time detailed in the description of each item.

Some examples of lead time can be:

  • Usually ships in 2-6 business days: a product is usually in stock & ready to ship.
  • Usually ships in 8-12 weeks: a product will take additional time to ship.

  • Please also note that the shipping lead time is always a "good faith estimate" and is never guaranteed. We rely on our vendors and freight forwarders (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc.) do fulfill our orders. Extreme weather conditions may also delay shipments.

    In addition, please note that your order may have an additional lead time to ship out from the warehouse. We do our best to "pack with care", which may require some additional time. Large items for example often need special boxes to ensure a safe arrival.

    We strongly encourage you to contact customer service in case you need your order by a specific due date or for a specific project completion date.