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Enzo Mari (b. 1932), Italy.

Enzo Mari (born 1932) is one of the most prestigious Italian modernist artist and furniture designers. One of the most thoughtful and intellectually provocative Italian designers of the late 20th century, Enzo Mari has a design history spanning over 50 years. During this time, artist and designer, Enzo Mari has created numerous lamps, furniture, home accessories, graphics, office and table accessories. Equally significant, though smaller in scale, are his adventures in the arts with his iconic silkscreen prints title "La Mela" and "La Pera". For design minded parents, he also created the wooden puzzles 16 Animali and 16 Pesci. Today his Italian modern furniture and design pieces like the Putrella tray and Alta Tensione coat rack are acclaimed popular classics.

Born in Novara, Italy in 1932, he studied classics and literature at university whilst also working as a visual artist and researcher. In 1952, he opened a design studio in Milan and since then, has worked with Danese, Muji and most recently, Hida Sangyo.

The depth and complexity of Enzo Mari's work ensures that he is greatly admired by the design community and, in his eighties, is still a very sought after designer.