1. Damaged & Defective Merchandise Guidelines:

We and our vendors go to great lengths to properly pack all items.
Every order ships fully insured with a tracking- or delivery confirmation number.

Our ultimate goal in the shipping process is to have our items arrive safely to you, their final destination. Because we will not be with you at your location when your shipment arrives, we need you, the buyer, to help the receiving process go as smoothly as possible. When our items are being delivered to you, you must take the following steps. Without your help, the shipping process has the potential to create a level of dissatisfaction with our products or service which is unwarranted and can always be prevented. We like to make happy customers so please adhere to the following guidelines:

1.1 UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS:

Damaged Merchandise:
Any damage must be reported within 2 business days. In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged during shipment, please contact us AND the freight forwarder (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc) immediately. We cannot process a claim after the 2 business days time frame has passed. It is your responsibility to open and inspect all merchandise UPON RECEIPT to insure no damage has occurred. Failure to inspect your merchandise within 2 business days after receipt will waive your rights for any damage claim. In case an item has damage, please save all packing materials and re-pack the item in the exact same manner as you received it. Never install an item before it is properly inspected for defects and/or damage.

Defective Merchandise:
Any defects must be reported within 5 business days for a claim with the manufacturer to be made and a new part/item shipped. Please save all packing materials and re-pack the defective item in the same manner as you received it. We cannot process a claim after the 5 business days time frame for defective merchandise. It is your responsibility to open and inspect all merchandise UPON RECEIPT to insure the merchandise has no defects. Never install any item before it is properly inspected for defects and/or damage.

1.2 Freight Shipments:

Larger oversized items usually ship by LTL freight and will be delivered by truck. Please be aware that it is necessary for you, when you receive our items, to check each item for Visible and/or Concealed Damage. When the driver arrives with the items, he most times will allow you to open & inspect each item for damage. If there is obvious damage to an item, write "damaged during shipment & refused" on the driver's Delivery Receipt slip and refuse delivery of that specific item. If the driver does not want to wait for you to open & inspect the shipment, he is then obligated to allow you to sign the Delivery Receipt with an exception such as "Possible Concealed Damage". If the driver does not want to wait, & will not allow you to state an exception on the Delivery Receipt, you have the right to refuse the entire shipment, and contact Stardust.com right away. Stardust.com will then contact a manager with the freight company & make sure that you receive proper treatment. We will also direct the freight company to contact you and promptly reschedule the delivery.

All Damaged or un-inspected items must be signed for as either Damaged or Possible Concealed Damage. If the merchandise is damaged but is signed for as Clear, meaning without stating an exception like Possible Concealed Damage or Damaged, the receiving party (you), then assumes full responsibility for the damaged freight & may have no recourse, legal or financial, with the delivering freight company, delivery agent, or Stardust.com. This would be a worst case scenario & is completely preventable. If you have questions about any of our freight rules, please contact us & we will be happy to fully inform you & instruct you with regard to the process of receiving our freight. If you receive a damaged item & have properly signed for the item as damaged, we will ship a replacement ASAP. Stardust.com will also then handle the entire claim process for the damaged freight.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

We greatly value your patronage, trust, and friendship towards Stardust.com; and as always, we welcome every opportunity to have your comments and suggestions regarding our products and any aspect of your Stardust.com's experience. We invite your feedback so that we may know how we are doing, and what we can do to assure that we are providing the highest quality products and services that we can. To share your thoughts with us, please contact us. We thank you for your time, attention, and assistance.