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Verner Panton

You are about to read the most pimped-out biography on Danish-Swiss design legend Verner Panton so hold on to your coconuts and get comfortable.

Verner Panton was one of the leading "space age" designers of the 1960s together with Eero Aarnio, Eero Saarinen, Joe Colombo and Pierre Paulin. All of them luminaries in their own right! Contrary to popular believe; Panton was not an extra-terrestrial interior designer from a distant galaxy. Unless someone altered his birth registry (which can happen), we know that Verner Panton was born in Denmark where he made a name at an early age with his cone-shaped chair designs. After he moved to Switzerland in 1960, he quickly became known as 'l'enfant-terrible' of the dreadfully antiquated design establishment with his far-out Visiona Phantasy Landscapes for Bayer (aboard a ship of all places). Verner Panton continues to be one of our favorite designers ever. Some people are naturally gifted and it seems that Panton certainly had won the genetic design-spark lottery from the moment he was born. We like the sculptural fluidity in his designs and rightfully-so have his Panton Chair on permanent display in our Sonoma showroom. Seriously; is there any chair more cooler than the Panton Chair in California's Wine Country? Perhaps his imaginary creations can sometimes be a bit of a psych-out stretch for those with a traditional mindset; but his Fun Lamps show that you don't need to be under the weather; neither 'under the influence' (although that certainly helps). Verner Panton's Fun Lamps for example work wonders in both modern- and transitional interior set-ups. Imagine a Panton Fun Lamp reflecting in the Mirror Sculptures; we guarantee that it is a match made in heaven! We love Panton, say no more...

Now for the official version: Verner Panton (1926-1998) is widely considered to be one of the worlds most influential 20th-century modern furniture, lighting and interior designers. Verner Panton was born in Denmark but eventually settled in Switzerland where he met his wife. During his career, he created some of the most innovative and futuristic space age designs in a variety of materials, especially plastic. His most dazzling and rather trippy exposition took place on a boat in Germany. Visitors where greeted by comforting and inviting womb-shaped caves, communal spaces, inviting curved furniture and air that was specially scented. Verner Panton created many icons of modern design. His most notable fine example is the Panton Chair, the first cantilevered chair made from a single piece of plastic. The fluid organic shape of his creations was usually matched to very warm vibrant colors. Some of the highlights by Verner Panton include the Panton Chair, the Panton VP-Globe, the Panton Fun Lamps and the Panton Living Tower. All of the above are on display at Stardust.

Verner Panton and Space Age Design. Verner Panton was a founding father of what we now call Space Age Design, a sub category of design which was hugely popular in Europe during the late 1960's and early 1970's, but received less recognition in the USA. Space Age Design featured smooth fluid organically shaped forms and the choice of material was often plastic or fiberglass. Other notable Space Age Designers from this period include Eero Aarnio, Eero Saarinen and Irwin & Estelle Laverne to name just a few. As it often happens to artists and designers, Verner Panton's design was forgotten for most of the late 20th century as if it was lost in time. New design trends evolved during the late 1970's and early 1980's including anti-design and Memphis Design which broke entirely with the Space Age Design movement. Like Vincent Van Gogh, there is a silver lining however. One of the turning points was the publication "L'Utopie Du Tout Plastique, 1960 ~ 1973" by Fondation pour l'Architecture in Brussels, Belgium. During the span of several decades, Philippe Decelle together with Diane Hennebert and Pierre Loze established some of the most dazzling collections of Space Age Design. This brought sudden new interest to the genre. In the early 1990's Verner Panton's work was rediscovered by a group of young art dealers in London (Claudio Cottone) and Switzerland (Quadrophenia). An online tribute was established by a young couple of art dealers in New York and Verner Panton received a long overdue recognition for his mark on design history. Ever since, there has been a tremendous resurgence in interest in his work fueled by big ticket price sales at Sotheby's, Christies, Phillips de Pury and Wright. Vitra and VerPan re-edited most of his collection which is now available again. Stardust is proud to be the official retailer of Verner Panton design.

Edited by James Avalar, Chief Editor for modern design
Stardust Modern Design for the home all rights reserved
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panthellafloorlamp - Stardust
Louis Poulsen Panthella Floor Lamp by Verner Panton
panthellatablelamp - Stardust
Louis Poulsen Panthella Table Lamp by Verner Panton
balltypfcolor-ss - Stardust
Verner Panton Ball Lamp by Verpan: Sample Sale
pantonballsilver - Stardust
Verner Panton Ball Lamp in Silver

pantonfun10dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 10DM Lamp
pantonfun11dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 11DM Lamp
pantonfun1da - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 1DA Lamp
pantonfun1dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 1DM Lamp

pantonfun1stm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 1STM Floor Lamp
pantonfun1tm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 1TM Table Lamp
pantonfun2dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 2DM Lamp
pantonfun2tm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 2TM Table Lamp

pantonfun3dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 3DM Lamp
pantonfun4dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 4DM Lamp
pantonfun7dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 7DM Lamp
pantonfun8dm - Stardust
Verner Panton Fun 8DM Lamp

pantonmirrorone - Stardust
Verner Panton Mirror Sculpture 1 Pyramid
pantonmirrorfour - Stardust
Verner Panton Mirror Sculpture 4 Pyramids
pantonmirrornine - Stardust
Verner Panton Mirror Sculpture 9 Pyramids
ONION1 - Stardust
Verner Panton Onion I Carpet in Brown/Dark Red

Verner Panton Onion III Carpet in Orange/Red
pantononionbrass - Stardust
Verner Panton Onion Lamp Brass
pantononioncopper - Stardust
Verner Panton Onion Lamp Copper
pantononionsilver - Stardust
Verner Panton Onion Lamp Silver

pantononionwhite - Stardust
Verner Panton Onion Lamp White
topanblackgold - Stardust
Verner Panton Topan Pendant Lamp Matte Black w. Gold Leaf
topanblack - Stardust
Verner Panton Topan Pendant Lamp Shiny Black
topanwhite - Stardust
Verner Panton Topan Pendant Lamp Shiny White

topanyellow - Stardust
Verner Panton Topan Pendant Lamp Shiny Yellow
vpglobe - Stardust
Verner Panton VP Globe Large
pantonvpglobe - Stardust
Verner Panton VP Globe Small
pantonchairclassic - Stardust
Vitra Classic Panton Chair by Verner Panton

pantonheartmini - Stardust
Vitra Miniature Heart Cone Chair by Verner Panton
pantonchairmini - Stardust
Vitra Miniature Panton Chairs by Verner Panton Set of 5
pantonwireconemini - Stardust
Vitra Miniature Wire Cone Chair by Verner Panton
Vitra Panton Chair by Verner Panton

pantonclassic-ss - Stardust
Vitra Panton Classic White Panton Chair: Sample Sale
Currently Unavailable
Vitra Panton Junior Chair by Verner Panton
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