Discover the Modernica collection of Nelson Bubble Lamp designs by George Nelson which are veritable modern lighting classics! Modernica is a legendary modern design manufacturer from Los Angeles. Modernica was instrumental in defining the resurgence of American Design early on with their Nelson lamp collection including the Nelson Bubble Lamp, the Saucer Lamp, Cigar Lamp and Criss Cross Lamp. Since 1989, the year of it's founding, Modernica's evolution has been dynamic and strongly supportive in returning many lost icons of modern design back to the market. Modernica was remaking mid century furniture before it was back in vogue. Believe it or not but many of the mid century modern period designs that Modernica is making was abandoned by the original manufacturers during the late 1970's and early 1980's when fashion trends shifted. The modern lighting and furniture collection from Modernica encompasses high-quality iconic pieces from George Nelson and the Case Study House series.

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