hida japanese furniture

The Hida Collection is crafted by hand by the Hida Sangyo Company, founded in 1920. The company was named after the town in which it is located. Nestled near the Northern Japan Alps of Gifu prefecture lies Hida Takayama (known as Hida locally), a mountainous area full of lush greenery and natural surroundings. An area steeped in history, most famously, Hida is known to nurture a strong collection of highly skilled wood craftsmen originating back to the 7th Century Nara period. Many of these excellent craftsmen were responsible for constructing the magnificent wooden temples of Kyoto and Nara such as the World Heritage Horyu-ji, which still stands today after 13 centuries. This love of woodwork can be said to come from being one of the greenest areas in Japan—93% of Hida is made up of forest with 20% of that being the cedar tree.

Not only is the design exceptional but all furniture from the Hida Collection is designed to insure that above all else, it is really comfortable to use. One example are the Hida chairs. Each seat has a calculated concave and the backrests are angled at the perfect position to provide the utmost comfort as well as the striking appearance. The products are only lightly varnished which enhances both the natural beauty of the wood as well as leaving it soft and smooth to the touch.

The new collection designed by Enzo Mari was a huge hit when it was presented at the Triennale, a sanctuary of industry design in Milan. The Hida Collection also won the 2007 'Craftsmanship award' at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.