Droog Shady Lace Parasol Droog Shady Lace Parasol

    Droog Shady Lace Parasol

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    Droog Shadylace Parasol Patio Shade

    Designer: Chris Kabel
    Manufacturer: Droog Design

    Dutch designer Chris Kabel designed the beautiful Shadylace sun shade patio umbrella for Droog Design in the Netherlands. Get ready for sunny days with the shady lace. This parasol allows just a little sun to shine through, creating a dappled shade. It comes complete with a small bird perched on top. The Shadylace patio umbrella is definitely one of the most beautiful sun shades we have ever seen. A fun take on the traditional patio umbrella, Chris Kabel's Shadylace parasol has a vivid lace canopy, stencil-cut to allow dappled light to shine through, as if the user was sitting beneath a tree. This has a wonderful relaxing effect as if the sun light gently filters through the canopy of the tree. The Shadylace parasol is finished with a small bird on top which adds a whimsical touch. The Droog Shadylace Parasol should be stored indoors when not in use. An umbrella stand for the parasol is available separately.

    Material: Polyester canopy, wood, resin.
    Size: 99.5" height x 85" diameter
    Available in Green and White

    Green is in stock. 8 weeks lead time for White.