Shibuya Vase in Grey Blue Cherry - Kartell Shibuya Vase Shibuya Vase in Grey Blue Cherry - Kartell Shibuya Vase

    Shibuya Vase in Grey Blue Cherry - Kartell Shibuya Vase

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    Kartell Shibuya Vase by Christophe Pillet in Beige Blue Cherry

    Kartell Shibuya Vase by Christophe Pillet
    Shibuya Vase Kartell in Grey Blue Cherry

    Designer: Christophe Pillet
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    Kartell Shibuya Vase in (from top to bottom): Fume Grey, Blue and Cherry. The Shibuya Vase is a colorful and elegant piece of art in the typical Kartell style! Shibuya is a series of vases that are so perfect in balance, color and composition, that flowers are completely optional. The eyecatching Shibuya Vases were designed by prolific French designer Christophe Pillet and debuted at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Christophe Pillet excells with form but here it is shown he is also a master with color. With Shibuya, Christophe Pillet pays tribute to Japanese culture, to be more precise its colorful fashion mecca 'Shibuya' in Tokyo. The elegant shape of the Shibuya Vases was inspired by traditional Japanese Ikebana or floral design.

    Shibuya appears almost glass-like, evoking the look of Venini Venetian glassware. Shibuya vases are made using the famed Kartell technological know-how where different types of PMMA (plastic), worked separately, are fused together to obtain, within a single object, separate areas differentiated by colors. The effect is simply magnificent.  At the Stardust Modern Design showroom, they seem to light up, like luminous vessels of light, especially when sunlight reflects on them!

    Shibuya Vases are created in various beautiful complimenting colorways which create a wonderful display in a room. Each Shibuya Vase is outfitted with a removable upper lid which allows them to be used as a bowl, flower vases or as a unique centerpiece on the table. Simply beautiful!

    Shibuya by Kartell is available in four colors.

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    Collection: Kartell
    Kartell Product Code: 1221/11
    Dimensions: 10 3/4" dia x 8 3/4" h
    Material: PMMA transparent plastic
    Weight: 3.4 lbs
    Use: indoor, living room, dining room, bedroom, office
    Finish: transparent
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Product Category: home decorvases
    Style: Italian design, modern, contemporary
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