Kartell Wall Hooks Coat Hanger by Olaf von Bohr Kartell Wall Hooks Coat Hanger by Olaf von Bohr

    Kartell Wall Hooks Coat Hanger by Olaf von Bohr

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    Kartell Wall Hook Coat Hanger Sale - Kartell Design

    Kartell Wall Clothes Hook
    Wall Coat Hook

    Designer: Olaf Von Bohr
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    Kartell Wall Hook Coat Hanger by Olaf Von Bohr. This timeless modern wall hook is our favorite Kartell design! The classic Wall Clothes Hook was designed by Olaf Von Bohr for Kartell Italy in 1970. The Kartell wall hook is not only very pretty, but it is also quite sturdy. The Kartell Wall Hook Coat Hanger is a stylish and sturdy clothes hanger that can be used as a coat or bath towel holder. This practical wall hook has two functions, use the smaller hook for jackets and the larger hook above for a purse or an umbrella. Olaf Von Bohr designed it with enough room to actually hang things on without anything falling off. This modern coat hanger was selected for the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and remains one of the most popular Kartell items. The Kartell Wall Clothes Hook is a classic example of 1970s space age design, revisited in new materials and finishes. This wall hook is available in transparent polycarbonate in vivid hues, and, in a solid black and white edition. The Olaf Von Bohr Wall Hook is made by Kartell in Italy.

    The price is for one hook. This hook must be purchased in multiples of two. We are unable to ship single pieces.

    Size: 2"DIA x 4"H
    Material: batch-dyed/transparent polycarbonate

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