Kartell Spoon Table - Spoon Folding Office Desk Kartell Spoon Table - Spoon Folding Office Desk

    Kartell Spoon Table - Spoon Folding Office Desk

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    Kartell Modern Design Furniture - Modern Kartell Furniture

    Kartell Spoon Modern Office Table
    Designer: Antonio Citterio
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    The Spoon table was designed by Antonio Citterio for Kartell in Italy. This functional table can be paired with the Spoon chair (see our other listing). Kartell's Spoon Table is a folding light office table characterized by its extreme lightness and practicality. The structural surface is made of honeycomb aluminum. The finish is white laminate whereas the methacrylate edges are coloured on the bottom so that the transparency creates a sense of depth. The thermoplastic legs are a guarantee of resistance and elasticity. The knee mechanism closing was developed for easy folding of the top and makes the Spoon Table perfect for living in small spaces and easy carrying. The leg-locking system requires no tools and works using only a slider eyelet. The Spoon Table comes in three sizes of top and with legs and matching edges in three colors.

    Spoon is the perfect desk for the business or the home office. The Kartell Spoon table is a highly functional piece of office furniture for a variety of work styles. The Spoon desk ads to a productive work place and is perfect for a variety of tasks.

    Size Small: 55.1"W x 28.3"H x 29.1"D
    Size Medium: 63"W x 28.3"H x 31.5"D
    Size Large: 78.7"W x 28.3"H x 35.7"D
    Material: aluminum, methacrylate, thermoplastic

    Lead Time: 8-10 weeks