Tattoo Modern Round Pouf - Faux Portasanta Marble Pattern Fabric, Rus/Brown Tattoo Modern Round Pouf - Faux Portasanta Marble Pattern Fabric, Rus/Brown

    Tattoo Modern Round Pouf - Faux Portasanta Marble Pattern Fabric, Rus/Brown

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    Baleri Italia Tato Tattoo Tatino Series
    Portasanta Marble Pouf by Maurizio Galante

    Manufacturer: Baleri Italia
    Designer: Maurizio Galante

    Baleri Italia Portasanta Marble Pouf by Maurizio Galante.
    Tattoo® Modern Round Pouf - Faux Marble Pattern Fabric, Red/Rust/Brown. Designed for Baleri Italia, Tattoo Portasanta is a small modern (round) pouf ottoman (19-inch) that features a reddish brown bi-elastic faux but highly realistic marble upholstery fabric fragmented on a rust/granite marbled background. Baleri Itali's Porta Santa fabric poufs are similar to Breccia Medusa marble which is a distinctive golden brown breccia & red verona marble quarried in Italy and Morocco. This flexible ottoman effortlessly pairs with any chair or end table and also functions as additional improvised seating. Fashioned from a soft, elastic marble-patterned upholstery fabric and hand wrapped over high-density structural polyurethane and a sturdy steel frame. The poufs contemporary round shape is great for relaxing or simply as a decor piece in your home as it suits any style of living space.

    At first glance this looks like a solid sphere in Portasanta Marble, but a closer look reveals it to be fashion designer Maurizio Galante's marble-printed collection for the Italian furniture line Cerruti Baleri. In Italy, fashion has always been considered art and this new creation by Maurizio Galante expands the designer's medium from fashion into design. The Portasanta Marble Pouf and matching Grande Antico Marble and Carrara Marble (see our other product offerings) feature a graphical print of the Portasanta Marble (a naturally warm Italian marble) on bi-elastic fabric. The brilliant little pouf is made of high-density structural polyurethane foam over an internal steel frame. While you might think twice about taking a seat at first, this attractive pouf by Baleri Italia is actually pretty cushy! A comfortable pouf, where sitting on hard Portasanta Marble becomes playful and ironic.

    Flexible seating or footrest in the shape of a sphere; Baleri Italia Tato Tattoo Portasanta Marble Pouf or Ottoman is made with CFC-free flexible polyurethane, with internal anatomical rigid structure and plastic base. An interesting and intriguing seating design by one of the leading fashion designers of Italy.

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    Collection: Cerruti Baleri
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Dimensions: 19" diameter x 17" height
    Materials: polyurethane foam, plastic base, bielastic fabric
    Product Category: furniture, poufs, ottomans
    Style: contemporary, casual, unique, transitional
    Baleri Italia Product Code: dm860 g portasanta marble

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