Magis 360 container (5 drawers) AC250 White Magis 360 container (5 drawers) AC250 White

    Magis 360 container (5 drawers) AC250 White

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    Magis 360 Container

    Magis 360 container (5 drawers) AC250 in White
    360° Container, 5 Drawer by Magis -

    Transform your workspace with the Magis 360 Container – a revolutionary drawer unit on wheels that's not just a piece of furniture but a concept redefining how you work and organize.

    The stool 360° (and its chair counterpart) breaks away from convention. It defies the standard notion of a stool, offering something in-between a chair and a stool. Its name, 360°, suggests its unique ability to swivel and accommodate sitting in any direction.

    - Designed for dynamic work environments, the Magis 360 Container encourages dynamic sitting – short term, ad hoc, and improvised. It liberates you from the confines of a static workspace, allowing you to move around and engage with your tasks more freely.
    - Crafted from glossy ABS material in pristine colors, this container complements the entire 360° collection. Its minimalist design adds a touch of modern sophistication to your workspace.
    - Featuring five spacious drawers and an included tray, the Magis 360 Container ensures that your essentials are well-organized. Whether in your home office or workplace, it's the perfect blend of form and function.
    - The 360° Collection: The Magis 360 Container is part of the prestigious 360° collection, which includes a chair, a stool, a table, and two containers on wheels. This collection marks a shift in the traditional concept of office work, embracing innovation and flexibility.

    The Magis 360 Container isn't just a piece of furniture; it's a revolution in how we approach work and organization. Embrace the future of office furniture and unlock your potential for creativity and productivity. Enhance your workspace with the Magis 360 Container – where innovation meets comfort. Transform your office into a dynamic and efficient environment. Order now and be a part of the office revolution! Dimensions: Overall: 13.8" W X 18.1" D X 28.3" H. Top Drawer Opening: 12.4" W X 6.9" D. Material(s): Glossy ABS, aluminum

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