Match Point Unique Modern Side Table by Baleri Italia Match Point Unique Modern Side Table by Baleri Italia

    Match Point Unique Modern Side Table by Baleri Italia

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    Match Point Unique Modern Side/End Table by Baleri Italia

    Designer: Omri Revesz
    Manufacturer: Baleri Italia

    Complete your seating area with the unique Match Point modern side table in circular shapes by Baleri Italia. Baleri Italia's geometrically shaped yet dynamic solid Match Point round side tables in durmast-veneered plywood come in three different heights and boast colored finishes. Three circular forms – held together and balancing at 30, 60 and 90 degrees – are at the heart of the practical, sculpture-like products. The Match Point Collection is an exclusive design by Omri Revesz that stands out for its simple shape that manages to deliver a strong visual impact. This table creates the right ambience for hotels, restaurants, homes. Price is for 1 (one) table.

    Omri Revesz was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1980. After a long experience in the far east, Omri moved to Italy and graduated from IUAV university of Venice where he founded Omri Revesz Design with works across the fields of Architecture, Art and Design.

    Customer veneers available with a minimum of 6 pieces.

    Dimensions: 15.75" diameter x 14.96" height (40cm diameter x 38cm height)
    Construction material: wood, plywood, veneer
    Use: indoor
    Other features: stackable, sculptural, modern
    Use: home, office, restaurant, hotel
    Product Category: end tables
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