Girard® Candle Holder Girard® Candle Holder

    Girard® Candle Holder

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    girard candleholder vitra

    Girard Candle Holders
    Vitra Design Museum, Europe

    Designer: Alexander Girard
    Manufacturer: Vitra

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    Vitra Girard Candle Holder (Brass) with Geometric Motifs (available in either round, petal or star shape), an Alexander Girard design from 1963. High-quality single taper candle holders have modern shapes that will add a touch of style to any table setting. Excellent for holidays and special occassions or wedding planners, caterers, and florists. Each candleholder takes a single candle, measures 3.75" to 4" at the base. Solid brass, polished finish. Felt pad on underside. Priced and sold individually.

    Dimensions: 3.75" to 4" diameter
    Delivery: packaged in cardboard box
    Material: brass
    Color: polished finish
    Weight: 0.75 lbs (without packaging)
    EAN: 4055737994173

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