Flos Serena Modern Table Lamp by Patricia Urquiola Flos Serena Modern Table Lamp by Patricia Urquiola

    Flos Serena Modern Table Lamp by Patricia Urquiola

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    flos serena table lamp

    Serena Leaf-Shaped LED Table Lamp by Patricia Urquiola
    Flos SERENA 24.9", Integrated LED light, 10-100% dimmer
    Aluminum Construction, Aluminum|Black|Copper Shade

    Designer: Patricia Urquiola
    Manufacturer: FLOS

    Designed by Patricia Urquiola, produced by Flos. The stylish Flos Serena Modern Table Lamp (available in three shade color editions: aluminum, black or copper) features a leaf-shaped diffuser shade and aluminum base that houses an integrated LED light source. The Flos Serena Lamps bring personality and atmosphere into a space with their diffused lighting and natural shapes. Serena is a light that is neither brash nor imposing. It is lightweight and plays with the diffusers, reflecting or allowing the light to pass through. It is pure, calm, dry, light and flexible. It is inspired by the natural world, by leaves of different shapes and colors.

    An integrated cable-dimmer allows you to dim the light, from soft to strong, between 10-100%. The light it emits has a warm 2700K color temperature (perceived as yellowish white similar to incandescent lighting). Designed by the Spanish designer, the Flos “Serena Table Lamp" is a stunning modern-looking object with a distinctive shape inspired by nature. With its minimal footprint, Urquiola's design is designed for smaller homes and apartments where it neatly fits on bedside- or coffee tables. It stands 24.9" tall and has a 10.5" diameter.

    Serena Lamp by Urquiola for Flos Italy. Designed by the Spanish designer “Serena" is a decorative table light with an attractive leaf shape. At first glance, Serena appears to be in motion—it is a leaf blown by a gentle breeze, dancing through a current of wind. Inspired by the simple beauty of nature, this piece features a dynamic reflector that can be directed to obtain an intense, precisely reflected light. The structure of the lighting body reduces the LED source’s visual impact, providing the user with a level of comfort that belies the design’s superior technology.

    Lamp (bulb): 1 Cob LED 2700K 1100lm CRI90 13W. Finish base sphere: aluminum. Construction material: aluminum, polycarbonate. Reflector: aluminum, black or copper. Weight: 8.38 lbs. Voltage: 100-240V with three interchangeable plugs for worldwide use. Use: indoor (not outdoor). IP rating: IP20. Electrical cord length: 6.2 feet (color is black). Dimming option: 10-100% dimmer switch on power cable.

    Collection: Flos table lamps
    Product Code: F66040
    Material: hand blown transparent glass, aluminum
    Dimensions large sphere: 19.1" height x 14.7" width x 14.7" depth
    Dimensions base: 5.6" diameter x 7.8" height
    Light source: 1 Cob LED 2700K 1290lm CRI92 16W
    Use: home, office, restaurant, hotel
    Product Category: table lamps
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