Louis Poulsen Yuh Modern Floor Lamp by GamFratesi Louis Poulsen Yuh Modern Floor Lamp by GamFratesi

    Louis Poulsen Yuh Modern Floor Lamp by GamFratesi

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    Louis Poulsen Floor Lamp
    Louis Poulsen Yuh Floor Lamp
    Designer: GamFratesi
    Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen

    Shine bright direct reading light with the unique Louis Poulsen Yuh Floor Lamp; a sleek, contemporary and hardworking lamp that makes it easier to read your favorite book or magazine. Measuring 55.11" tall, the "YUH FLOOR LAMP" provides plenty of crisp lighting next to a chair or sofa. Direction- and Height Adjustable Yuh floor standing lamps (with LED-light) provide direct aimed light to make downward and side reading more comfortable. Its modern black or white finish and rotating lamp head make this modern take on the classic pharmacy-style floor lamp a pretty and practical reading lamp.

    Yuh is the phonetic form of ‘you’, the letters represents the sound made by the voice to say “you”. One of the essential features of the lamp is that it is personal. The lamp is flexible and takes up very little space. It rotates and moves up and down, illuminating and creating ambience in the required area. A lamp created just around you. The shade is determined geometrically from the functional movement that the screen performs on the vertical pipe. A minimal shape created from a circle to a line. Yuh Floor lamp provides direct glare-free downward directed light. Built-in LED technology provides high quality light with stepless dimming down to 15%. Timer function automatically turns off the light after a chosen duration of 4 or 8 hours, or can be set to stay permanently on. Memory function allows light level to be set for each time the fixture is connected to main power. A button at the top of the tube acts as the switch and dimmer. The angle of the shade can be adjusted to optimize light distribution. The slim opening at the top of the shade provides soft, ambient upward illumination.

    GamFratesi’s design take their creative drive from a fusion of tradition and innovation in an experimental approach to their chosen materials and techniques. Each with their own traditional background, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi draw on classic Danish furniture and craftsmanship as well as a classic Italian intellectual and conceptual approach. Understanding a tradition and addressing it actively in the workshop makes it possible to expand on it. From this cross-cultural substrate, they create design that respectfully reflects tradition while also featuring unique embedded stories, symbols and associations, often expressed through minimalism. GamFratesi was founded in 2006 by Danish architect Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. They met at the Department of Architecture at the University of Ferrara in Northern Italy in 2004 and have since studied together at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. GamFratesi have a studio in Copenhagen.

    Celebrating Louis Poulsen’s philosophy of designing to shape light and inspired by the classic virtues of Danish design, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, who make up GamFratesi, the most stirring design duo of our time, have designed a lamp dubbed Yuh. With an impressive knowledge of design history and inspired by Poul Henningsen’s philosophy about light, combined with Arne Jacobsen’s geometric shapes, GamFratesi pays homage to the legends and adds their own characteristic aesthetic playfulness to the new Yuh Lamp.

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    Dimensions: 55.1" height x 9.4" width

    Technical Product Details & Information:
    Made by: Louis Poulsen, Denmark
    Design by: GamFratesi
    Cable Length: 10'
    Weight: 12 lbs
    Switch: High/low/off switch on the base.
    LED driver: Separate, plugs into power outlet
    Voltage: 120V (made for USA)
    Cable Type: 3-conductor, 18 AWG white PVC power cord
    Material: Shade and base: Die cast aluminum. Stem: Extruded brass
    Finish: White or black. Matte wet painted.
    Light Source: 10W LED 2700K
    Voltage: 120V
    Certification: cUL listed, Dry location.
    Use: indoor
    Country of Origin: Denmark
    Product Category: floor lamps
    Style: Danish, modern, design

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