Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair in Walnut with Black Papercord Seat Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair in Walnut with Black Papercord Seat

    Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair in Walnut with Black Papercord Seat

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    Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair in Walnut with Black Papercord Seat
    Hans Wegner Danish Modern Furniture Collection by Carl Hansen
    Made in Denmark

    Walnut Wooden Frame
    Black Papercord Seat

    Designer: Hans J Wegner
    Manufacturer: Carl Hansen

    The Wishbone Chair is on display in our Sonoma showroom! Our knowledgeable Carl Hansen furniture experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Top of the line Wishbone Chair in superb Walnut.
    This version of Hans Wegner's Wishbone Chair has an oil lacquered walnut frame. This chair has a black papercord seat. This version is the most exclusive but also the most expensive in the Wishbone Chair series. It is also the best selling variety of the CH24 chair.

    Danish designer Hans Wegner designed the classic CH24 Wishbone Chair in 1949. It was the first and most important creation by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son, and it became instantly loved and cherished by people all over the world. The philosophy of the CH24 Wishbone Chair is centered on the successful balance between form and function. The curved hind legs and the semicircular top rail together with the elegant Y-back and endow the chair with a gracious and welcoming look. The Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair stands for quality, comfort and timeless Danish design. An understated work of simplicity, the Wishbone Chair's graceful shape and delicate appearance belies a hidden strength and functionality that's ready-made for any home or business. The CH24 Wishbone Chair is a celebration of the harmony between timeless design and natural materials.

    Hans Wegner's CH24 Wishbone Chair is a spacious and comfortable icon of mid century modern Scandinavian design. The seat is woven using 394 feet of strong and resilient paper cord by highly skilled craftsmen and women at the Carl Hansen & Son workshop in Denmark. The back offers good ergonomic support and most people will feel comfortable in it for longer periods of time. The curved top rail makes it easy to move around the chair, and though the arm rests are long enough to give adequate support to your forearms the chair can still be pushed in close to a table. Consequently, Hans Wegner's CH24 Wishbone Chair is a very versatile and comfortable modern design chair. The Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair is an obvious choice for dining rooms where space is a factor or where you want to create the impression of spaciousness. It is also a great chair for offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, etc. Built for comfort, built to last.

    "The chair is the object that is closest to people so it is important that its perfectly detailed. I feel details as much as I see them. People touch the furniture, they see with their hands." Hans J. Wegner

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  • Size: 29"H x 22"W x 20"D
  • Seat Height: 17"H
  • Material: walnut frame black papercord

  • Custom made in Denmark.
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