Luceplan Solar Bud Modern Outdoor Light by Ross Lovegrove Luceplan Solar Bud Modern Outdoor Light by Ross Lovegrove

    Luceplan Solar Bud Modern Outdoor Light by Ross Lovegrove

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    Luceplan Solar Bud Outdoor Light
    Designer: Ross Lovegrove
    Manufacturer: Luceplan

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    Luceplan Solar Bud Modern Outdoor Light by Ross Lovegrove. The Solar Bud outdoor lamp was designed by Ross Lovegrove for Luceplan in Italy. The little light accompanies your footsteps in the dark. SolarBud needs no electric wiring because it is powered by a battery recharged by sunlight. With exactly the right brightness, it picks out paths, tracks, swimming pool edges, doorways etc, that would otherwise be hard to recognize in the dark. The solar energy, collected by a polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell, powers two rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. After sunset, they can yield the energy accumulated from the sun to spontaneously turn on the high efficiency leds. The duration of the light when fully charged is between 13 and 15 hours. The sun exposure time necessary to reload the energy expended after 13 hours of lighting is about 5 hours. It's perfect for the outdoor and works great in wet conditions as well. A modern and efficient design for any outdoor setting, be it a yard, pathway or poolside.

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  • Size: 15"H x 6"DIA
  • Material: anodized aluminum, polycarbonate
  • Bulb: 3 LED
  • Bulb included: Yes!
  • Certification: UL listed

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