Solair Modern Outdoor Chair by Fabiano and Panzini Solair Modern Outdoor Chair by Fabiano and Panzini

    Solair Modern Outdoor Chair by Fabiano and Panzini

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    Solair Modern Outdoor Chair
    Modern Outdoor Furniture for Patio and Garden

    Designer: Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini
    Manufacturer: Industrie Provinciale

    The original Solair™ Chair designed by Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini.

    The Solair Chair is on display in our Sonoma showroom. Orders will be processed at $399.00 per chair which includes complimentary shipping By FedEx within the US. The Solair Chairs ship in a large 30 x 30 x 30" cardboard box. We can fit up to 2 chairs in each box. Please note that orders must be placed in multiples of 2 (two) pieces. The chair shell and frame are packaged separately, so assembly is required by the customer upon receipt. Installation instructions are included.

    Solair Modern Outdoor Chair by Fabiano and Panzini. The Solair Chair was designed by the industrial designers Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini in 1972. This is a very comfortable outdoor garden chair due to its unique shell made from a single piece of plastic. Very nice and minimal, this beautiful outdoor chair becomes a natural extension of the modern home. Perfectly suitable for being placed in the backyard or poolside, the chair will provide a comfortable rest as well as outstanding looks. Its timeless good looks will compliment any outdoor living space.

    The Solair Chair is an undisputed masterpiece in the history of modern furniture design. It is a beloved yet hard to find design classic and it effortlessly combines comfort and style.

    The Solair Chair is available in a wide variety of plastic shell colors, always combined with a black enameled metal frame. The frame has corner glides on the bottom to protect floor areas.

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    Material: plastic, metal
    Dimensions: 28"H x 28 3/4"D

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