Gandia Blasco Siracusa Modern Rug by Sandra Figuerola Gandia Blasco Siracusa Modern Rug by Sandra Figuerola

    Gandia Blasco Siracusa Modern Rug by Sandra Figuerola

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    Gandia Blasco Siracusa Modern Rug
    Designer: Sandra Figuerola
    Manufacturer: Gandia Blasco

    Gandia Blasco Siracusa rug by Sandra Figuerola.
    This exquisite modern rug was designed by the Spanish textile designer Sandra Figuerola for Gandia Blasco in Valencia Spain. The reversible Siracusa Rug is enriched by elements that hint towards Mediterranean and Moorish influences. This irresistible rug gracefully combines texture, color and shape. The Siracusa Rug by Sandra Figuerola will add warmth and atmosphere to any space.

    The Siracusa Rug is made from 100 percent virgin wool and is reversible. It has a thickness of 0.24" (6 mm) and has a weight of 1.7Kg/m2. The Siracusa Rug is available in three sizes and custom sizes are available upon request.

    Stardust modern design is proud to feature the beautiful rug collection by Gandia Blasco. Gandia Blasco manufactures a wide range of high end outdoor furniture, textiles and rugs. The company enriches its lines with the unique vision of world renowned designers, such as Jean Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola, Marie Mees, Marisa Gallen, Sandra Figuerola, Ramon Esteve and Odosdesign. The Catalan company produces every item in their work shop in Valencia Spain.

    Collection: Gandia Blasco Rug
    Material: wool
    Size Small: 4'11" x 6'8"
    Size Medium: 5'7" x 7'11"
    Size Large: 6'8" x 9'10"
    Product Category: rugs
    Style: ultra modern, contemporary

    12-15 weeks lead time