Ingo Maurer Luxury Pure Ceiling Lamp Ingo Maurer Luxury Pure Ceiling Lamp

    Ingo Maurer Luxury Pure Ceiling Lamp

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    Ingo Maurer Luxury Pure Ceiling Lamp
    Designer: Ingo Maurer
    Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer

    Ingo Maurer's Luxury Pure is all about sophistication and understated elegance. Luxury Pure provides the right tension between modern and traditional which makes it an ideal decorative light fixture for any space. This exceptional ceiling lamp never fails to surprise and impress. Luxury Pure is a very large ceiling lamp; it spans almost 6 feet of ceiling. It's dramatic size and visually appealing design make it an ideal light fixture for large spaces such as lofts and homes with high ceilings. The basis of Luxury Pure is configured by three deceptively simple sails coated with gold or silver foil which create a wonderful warm light glow. Due to the quadratic opening in the middle, Luxury Pure also emits a strong and direct light. Luxury Pure creates a brilliant and extraordinary atmosphere. The perfect lamp when you are trying to creating an intimate space. It will add a distinctive and refined look and feel to any space room. This extra large ceiling lamp is a worthy centerpiece of the living room or when suspended above the dining table. A wall dimmer (not included) will allow you to set the lamp at a soft and luscious golden (or silver) glow in the evenings; which is an amazing sight to behold!

    Luxury Pure was designed by the German lighting designer Ingo Maurer. Luxury Pure is a ceiling suspended light fixture constructed of gold- or silver lacquered paper and aluminum. Luxury Pure is available in either gold or silver lacquered paper. This is a very large lamp; it was designed for ceiling heights of 8' or more. Suspension with braided polyester strings. Complete with bulb. Professional installation is recommended due to size.

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    Dimensions: 71"W x 71"L x 23"H
    Total width including cables: 8.83 feet (106")
    Light Output: 300 watts max
    Light Bulb: 1 X 300W T3/R7S HAL
    Bulb included: yes
    Material: gold- or silver lacquered paper, aluminum
    Made in Germany
    Ingo Maurer product code: LUXURYPURE

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