Luceplan SXG Modern Pendant Lamp Light Luceplan SXG Modern Pendant Lamp Light

    Luceplan SXG Modern Pendant Lamp Light

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    Luceplan SXG Pendant Lamp
    Designer: Diego Rossi
    Designer: Raffaele Tedesco
    Manufacturer: Luceplan

    Luceplan SXG Modern Pendant Lamp Light. The SXG pendant lamp was designed by Diego Rossi and Raffaele Tedesco for Luceplan in Italy. A simple gesture to interact with light: as you raise the reflector you shutter the light to a downwards direction; if you lower the reflector, the light is homogeneously directed upwards. Two completely different lighting scenarios that can be obtained with a single appliance. Made in natural anodized or painted aluminum there are green or orange filters available as accessory to have indirect light as color towards the ceiling. This modern chandelier is a marvelous light, that allows you to play with lighting.

    The modern Luceplan lighting collection is designed and made in Milan, Italy. These stylish modern lights will fit with any type of interior design and will compliment any home decor. Stardust carries the complete modern lighting collection of Luceplan, including the popular Luceplan Titania lamp, the Luceplan Costanza lamp, the Luceplan Berenice lamp, the Luceplan Agave lamp, the Luceplan Forebraccio lamp, the Luceplan Lola lamp, the Luceplan Mix lamp and many other popular Luceplan lights. Lighting products by Luceplan include lighting for the home and the office such as home lighting, outdoor lighting, ceiling lighting, LED lighting, pendant lighting, wall lighting, lighting chandeliers, lighting fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. Check our modern design collection which features modern furniture and modern lighting for low pricing, free shipping, no additional sales tax.

  • Size: 11.8"H x 13.7"DIA
  • Cord Length: 39"H - 92"H (adjustable)
  • Material: aluminum
  • Incandescent Bulb: 1 x 150W E-27
  • Fluorescent Bulb: 1 x 42W CFTR
  • Bulb included: Yes!
  • Certification: UL listed

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