Luceplan Agave D49/70s. EL Pendant Lamp Luceplan Agave D49/70s. EL Pendant Lamp

    Luceplan Agave D49/70s. EL Pendant Lamp

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    Luceplan Agave D49/70s. EL Pendant Lamp
    Designer: Diego Rossi
    Designer: Raffaele Tedesco
    Manufacturer: Luceplan

    Luceplan Agave D49/70s. EL Pendant Lamp. The Luceplan Agave D49/70s. EL Pendant Lamp was designed by Diego Rossi and Raffaele Tedesco for Luceplan in Italy. The Luceplan Agave D49/70s EL Pendant Lamp is one of the most beautiful light fixtures in our collection. Combine it with other Luceplan Agave Lamps to create a visually stunning interior. The Luceplan Agave D49/70s EL Lamp is a perfect pendant light when used as a dining room lamp above the dining table or when hung above the kitchen counter.

    The Agave Lamp by Luceplan is a new perception of the luminous object, with light, material and color interacting through a play of transparency, reflection, refraction and diffusion. Thanks to Agave the use of fluorescent light sources in domestic interiors is today a possible and mature choice, as regards both the technical and the aesthetic aspects of the product as well as the quality of light emitted by it. A novel play of transparencies, reflections and refractions allows the fluorescent lamp to emit light of strong visual impact. The radial composition of the transparent methacrylate ribs covers the source of light, preventing glare and light dispersion. A set of (yellow, red and blue) filters makes it possible with the greatest of ease to change the predominant color of the lamp and of its illumination.

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    Collection: Luceplan lighting
    Product: 1D4970SE0500
    Material: polycarbonate, methacrylate
    Color: red, yellow, blue, amber color filters included
    Dimensions: 13"H x 27.5"DIA
    Cable Lenght: 118"
    Weight: 3.14 lbs.
    Light Source: 1 x 25W T-10 incandescent or 1 x 20W CFL
    Certification: UL and cUL listed
    Use: indoor
    Shape: saucer
    Finish: transparent
    Product Category: lighting, lamps, pendant lamps
    Style: modern, contemporary

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