Modern Outdoor Planters: Rectangular Tall Planter Pot 24" h Modern Outdoor Planters: Rectangular Tall Planter Pot 24" h

    Modern Outdoor Planters: Rectangular Tall Planter Pot 24" h

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    Large Rectangular Planter: Tall Model 24" Height
    Mid Century Modern Design Pots and Planters
    Made in Switzerland

    Our extra large planters are a favorite with architects and landscape designers. These oversized planters can be used for both residential- and commercial applications. Extra large and tall rectangular planter pots, each rectangular tall outdoor planter has a height of 24 inches and is available in various lengths. Our large modern outdoor planter pot is perfect for any outdoor space including garden, patio and rooftop terraces. These extra large containers hold their own, especially in commercial spaces, large patios and rooftop terraces (you will find our planters at the W Hotel in Washington DC and the Westfield Covina Mall).

    This large planter features a built in water reservoir that helps maintain the life of your plants; and our unique fiber-cement material gives you get all the benefits of a durable concrete product without the weight. These beautiful rectangular outdoor planter pots have a height of 24 inches. These extra large planters are available in four different widths including an extra long planter which measures 55" long. These large rectangle-shaped modern planter pot series lends themselves perfectly for a variety of applications including small inner city courtyard gardens, patio gardens, container gardens, small garden designs or larger landscape and commercial projects. Perfect for use at an upscale private residence or a luxury spa resort hotel. Our mid century modern rectangular planter allows you to create your own stylish relaxing garden oasis. Made from strong but lightweight fiber cement. Each mid century modern planter pot is equipped with a clever drainage hole on the bottom, a necessity for container plants. Select from two colors including timeless grey or stylish anthracite dark grey.

    Few garden planters and pots have more visually striking design appeal than our classic mid century modern oversized outdoor planters. This super stylish mid century modern planter is a customer favorite. Garden pots and planters come in all shapes and colors, but nothing comes close to this beautiful large planter. This beautiful modern garden planter is effortlessly elegant and will add the perfect finishing touch to your landscape design project, interior courtyard, patio, garden terrace or modernist garden. A beautiful addition to your refined garden design, this modernist planter will is a natural choice with your modern patio and garden furniture collection. Use this beautiful modernist planter as a flower planter or lay them out with either annual or perennial plants. Depending on your climate zone, you can also use succulent plants and cacti. The large planter size is perhaps perfect for a small cold hardy palm tree such as the Mediterranean Fan Palm. Top them off with beach pebbles or small rounded white Carrara marble pebbles for a finishing contemporary modern design look.

    Our modern planters are made of natural, 100% recyclable fiber cement. Fiber cement ingredients are: cement, powdered limestone, cellulose and synthetic fibers, water and air. Because fiber is combined with cement you get all the benefits of a durable concrete product without the weight.

    Price is for one (1) planter.

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    Small Planter: 31" l x 22" d x 24" h (88 lbs - 70 gal)
    Medium Planter: 39" l x 22" d x 24" h (101 lbs - 87 gal)
    Large Planter: 47" l x 22" d x 24" h (116 lbs - 105 gal)
    Extra Large Planter: 55" l x 22" d x 24" h (133 lbs - 116 gal)

    This planter comes with a pre-drilled drainage hole.
    Made of fiber cement, a fiber enforced concrete.
    Durable yet lightweight compared to concrete.
    Resists fading and does not readily conduct heat.
    Designed for outdoor use, but looks great indoors as well.
    Suitable for both residential- and commercial applications.
    Overflow & water reservoir to ensure optimum water supply.
    Frost-Proof for use in sub-zero temperatures.
    Heat-Resistant for desert climates.

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