Kartell Zooom Table by Piero Lissoni - Zoom Extendable Table/Desk Kartell Zooom Table by Piero Lissoni - Zoom Extendable Table/Desk

    Kartell Zooom Table by Piero Lissoni - Zoom Extendable Table/Desk

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    Kartell Modern Design Furniture - Modern Kartell Furniture

    Kartell Zooom Table by Piero Lissoni
    Extendable Dining Table with Extendable Frame 

    Designer: Piero Lissoni
    Manufacturer: Kartell

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    Kartell Zooom by Piero Lissoni, a modern table that can be used as an extendable dining table or office table.  This inventive extendable table design was created by Italian designer Piero Lissoni for Kartell in Italy.  Set on a sleek and unobtrusive lacquered-aluminum frame, the tempered and scratch-resistant glass top hides an ingenious extension mechanism that recalls the precision mechanics of Swiss timepieces.  A great advantage of the Kartell Zooom Table is that the table's leafs are stored within and do not require to be stored separately.  With its rectangular top and extendable frame, Zooom provides the perfect setting for mealtime gatherings.  Adaptable to changing dining needs, dining tables that can extend are perfect for both casual family meals or larger gatherings with extended family & friends that require additional tabletop dining space.  Zooom has the ability to extend an extra 4 feet (depending on the model), allowing you to add a couple more chairs to the dining table.  But the use of the Kartell Zooom table is not exclusively limited for the dining room; Zooom is equally functional when used as an office table in the business or home office.  It also makes a great meeting room table.  Stardust Staff Pick!  We love this extendable table so much that we are going to start using Piero Lissoni's Zooom table as our permanent desk at the office.  Stardust also offers the non-extendable (fixed) version of Zooom which is the
    Kartell Zooom Standard.

    Zooom is available in three sizes:
    Small: 28.35" H x 27.56" D: length of 47.24" + 19.69"
    Medium: 28.35" H x 33.46" D: length of 51.18" + 23.62" + 23.62"
    Large: 28.35" H x 33.46" D: length of 62.99" + 23.62" + 23.62"

    Zooom maximum lengths of each size:
    Small: 66.93"
    Medium: 98.42"
    Large: 110.23"

    Zooom weight of each size:
    Small: 85.98 lbs
    Medium: 125.66 lbs
    Large: 143.30 lbs

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    Collection: Kartell
    Kartell Product Code: 4776, 4777, 4778
    Material: aluminum, tempered back-painted glass
    Use: indoordining room, office
    Finish: white or black
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Product Category: tables, dining room tables, desks
    Style: Italian design, modern, contemporary
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