Kartell Dr. Yes Chair by Philippe Starck Kartell Dr. Yes Chair by Philippe Starck

    Kartell Dr. Yes Chair by Philippe Starck

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    dr yes

    Kartell Dr Yes Chair by Philippe Starck
    Modern Italian Armchair made by Kartell

    Designer: Philippe Starck
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    Kartel Dr. Yes Chair. Are you looking for a modern armchair? The Dr. Yes Chair was designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell in Italy. One of our most beautiful and most affordable modern design chairs. Dr. Yes is an elegant, durable, functional and inviting modern design chair for everyday use! The chair can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and is stackable for easy storage.

    Dr. Yes is a uniquely styled chair manufactured from a highly resistant material making it ideal for outdoor use. The body has square lines, curving slightly downward to provide roomy and surrounding space. It is made of modified polypropylene, using gas injection technology. The chair's finish is opaque inside, with a soft and comfortable touch, while the surface of the back and legs is glossy. Dr. Yes offers a solid and comfortable seating, easy cleaning and a broad range of colors.

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