Normann Copenhagen Small Modern 'Grass' Vase, Color: Green Normann Copenhagen Small Modern 'Grass' Vase, Color: Green

    Normann Copenhagen Small Modern 'Grass' Vase, Color: Green

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    Normann Copenhagen

    Normann Copenhagen 'Grass' Vase
    Green-Grass Small Modern Ceramic Flower Vase wih Grass Leaf Design
    Made of Hand Painted & Baked Clay

    Designer: Claydies
    Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

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    Bring a true green lawn inside your home and display small flowers, twigs, greenery or even pencs & pencils naturally with the Green-Grass Small Modern Ceramic Flower Vase wih Grass Leaf Design. Normann Copenhagen's Grass is an award-winning flower vase created by Danish designer Claydies and consists out of hand baked & colored clay with a green finish. The Claydies Grass Vases can be connected to each other to form larger centerpieces. Clay is a porous material so be careful when placing the vase on a surface which is sensitive to moisture. The Grass Vases are handmade and will therefore vary in size and color. Wash by hand to retain quality and finish.

    Claydies was founded in 2000 by Karen Kj�_ldg̴rd-Larsen and Tine Broks��. Both Karen and Tine graduated from the Danish Design School in 2000. Tine throws a lump of clay and Karen catches it. Karen throws it back to Tine but it falls to the ground. We try with a new lump. This time Tine catches it and starts shaping it. It is a ping pong process, in which we are always hunting good ideas. Sometimes we wear our bowls on a catwalk. Sometimes we are inspired by horrors and murder our pots. And sometimes we set up dogma-rules and work blindfolded. We strive always to renew ourselves and make ceramic design that matters. That is to have fun and give fun. Claydies explains: "Grass is inspired by the roadside. In our opinion, a roadside with wild flowers is a good depiction of wild Danish nature. Grass has a very naive ceramic expression that is both uplifting and amusing. If you take Grass and place a simple dandelion, thistle or some other wildflower in it, it looks really good."

    Small: H:4.5" x L:2.5" x D:1.85" (H:11.6 x L:6.3 x D:4.7cm)
    Medium: H:5.3" x L:3.3" x D:2.40" (H:13.6 x L:8.3 x D:6.1cm)
    Large: H:6" x L:3.7" x D:3.3" (H:15.3 x L:9.4 x D:8.4cm)

    Collection: Normann Copenhagen
    Product Code: 102001, 102002, 102003
    Material: hand painted clay
    Color: shades of green
    Dimensions: 17.7" H X 31.5" W X 7.1" D
    Weight: 3 lbs
    Use: living room, bedroom, bathroom, entry
    Product Category: flower vases

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