Gandia Blasco Mangas Space Modules Plait Yellow Lounge Chair Gandia Blasco Mangas Space Modules Plait Yellow Lounge Chair

    Gandia Blasco Mangas Space Modules Plait Yellow Lounge Chair

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    Gandia Blasco Mangas Space Modules Plait Yellow
    Mangas Space by Patricia Urquiola for Gandia Blasco
    Modular Sofa Lounge Chair

    Dimensions: 48" x 36" x 24"

    Designer: Patricia Urquiola
    Manufacturer: Gandia Blasco
    Collection: Mangas Space

    Gandia Blasco Mangas Space Modules Plait Yellow Lounge Chair. Create an inviting, comfortable space where you, your guests or family can lounge in plush comfort and style. Beautiful and practical, the Gandia Blasco Modules Plait is a sleek but substantial lounge series. This comfortable and very inviting modular sofa lounge seat is part of Gandia Blasco's "Mangas Space" collection designed by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. This Modules Plait lounge chair is marked by its refined appearance, clean lines, and uniquely faceted seat upholstery. Gandia Blasco's Mangas Space rugs, lounge seating and lounge chairs are perfect for creating a comfortable space to hangout in any environment including the living room, bedroom, even the office. Designed to be configurable and contemporary, the seating shapes and pieces can stand alone or fit together to create innovative and welcoming arrangements in a wide variety of spaces. The Gandia Blasco Modules Plait soft and comfy seat is filled with fireproof polyester and foam rubber for support.

    Gandia Blasco's Mangas Space Modules Plait Yellow Lounge Chair is a handmade lounge sofa, crafted using a variety of specialist techniques, and knitted with looms from 100% new wool. Designed by Patricia Urquiola - its combination of strong and neutral colors creates a flexible and aesthetically pleasing soft furniture accessory for a variety of interiors. This beautiful and inviting sofa seat can be used as a unique chair in the living room or it can be combined with other rugs and sofas from the "Manga Space" collection for a plush lounge atmosphere. Mangas Space is a "total environment" where the Mangas Space rugs and seating becomes a modular, space-defining element. In Mangas Space, Urquiola's wool and polyester rug series Mangas becomes the main element is a series of modular components that can used interchangeably to create a multitude of different configurations. The combination of the rugs and sofa modules allows for the creation of a series of warm and harmonious environments, where modular pieces create different compositions and ambiences. Simply put, the Mangas Space collection by Gandia Blasco features expansive options to let you tailor lounge seating to suit your space and interior style, be it bohemian-chic, modern, traditional or transitional.

    Stardust is the largest and most trusted source for Gandia Blasco rugs with most rugs in stock and ready to ship. Gandia Blasco makes some of the finest area rugs.  We love the simplicity and elegance of these fine rugs which compliments any interior style, be it traditional or modern.  More than this, the Gandia Blasco rugs bespeak the contemporary Spanish design spirit in their clean, logical patterns which impart a sense of beauty and timeless style because of their definite architectural quality.

    Collection: Gandia Blasco
    Country of Origin: Spain
    Product Code: gandia-blasco-modules-plait-yellow
    Dimensions: 48" x 36" x 24"
    Creation: handmade
    Technique: hand loomed upholstery
    Fiber: 100% new virgin wool
    Filling: fireproof polyester and foam rubber
    Weight of upholstery: 5.5 kg per square meter
    Total pile height of upholstery: 40 mm
    Maintenance: vacuum, spot clean if needed
    Product Category: furniture, lounge chairs
    Style: modern rugs, contemporary rugs
    Shape: lounge
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