EcoSmart Fire: AB3 Ventless Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace Burner Kit EcoSmart Fire: AB3 Ventless Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace Burner Kit

    EcoSmart Fire: AB3 Ventless Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace Burner Kit

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    Ecosmart | Ventless Fireplaces by Ecosmart Fire

    EcoSmart Fire AB3 Ventless Fireplace Burner
    0.7 Gallons Capacity with 6 to 8 Hour Burn Time
    Modern Ventless Fireplace for Indoor or Outdoor Use

    Designer: EcoSmart Design Team
    Manufacturer: EcoSmart Fire
    Collection: Outdoor Fireplaces

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    This fireplace burner can be installed in a fireplace of any size, shape or configuration.  Take a look at our custom fireplace images made by our customers with this burner. 
    In a nutshell: you create the fireplace and we'll supply the burner!  The EcoSmart Fire AB3 ventless fireplace burner is designed to be installed of the fireplace of your choice, be it indoors or outdoors, by a licensed contractor.   This burner measures 10.2" in diameter, holds 0.7 gallons and burns for 6 to 8 hours depending on the flame height.  As the most compact burner in the EcoSmart fire line up; the AB3 burner provides 5800 BTU.  This series of burners reflects the growing trend to integrate indoor living with outdoor entertaining. Their versatile design enables models in the AB series to be installed in a wide range of outdoor applications. You can create your own customized open fireplaces according to your own unique design with the EcoSmart Fire AB3 bio ethanol burner.  Please note that our price is for the fireplace burner only as pictured and does not include an actual fireplace surrounding.   Optional protective cover for outdoor installation available.   Complimentary additional accessories included by Stardust: jerry can, lighter and lighting rod.

    Smartly designed and intelligently engineered, this modern fireplace burner comes with a 0.7 gallon (2.5 liters) stainless steel round burner and offers a burn time of approximately 6 to 8 hours depending on flame height and external conditions such as wind. Purpose-designed baffle inserts allow you to regulate and further stabilize the flame while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency. The fireplace can be turned on and off as desired using an accompanying lid.  And as with all EcoSmart Fires, this new fireplace runner runs on e-NRG, the cleanest burning, most efficient bioethanol available.  This EcoSmart Fireplace is clean burning and delivers heat with no odor, no smoke, no spitting, no ash and no embers.  With no need for a utility connection, this EcoSmart Fire's outdoor fireplace burner is a great fit in any space. A designated, inbuilt filling point to ensure the same procedures can be followed to decrease the likelihood of overfilling. Operational accessories designed for safe and ergonomic fire ignition and extinguishing. AB’s minimalist design and ability to withstand extreme heat result in consistent and reliable operation at all temperatures and permitted fuel levels.

    The EcoSmart Fire product line is on display in our Sonoma showroom! Due to the technical nature of these fireplaces we recommend that our customers receive a product walk-through prior to making a purchase. Our friendly staff is passionate about these fireplaces and we will be more than happy to give you a complimentary demonstration to ensure that you purchase a fireplace that matches your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

    Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about the EcoSmart Fire collection. As one of the largest and most specialized EcoSmart showrooms, our friendly and knowledgeable staff has a comprehensive knowledge about these fireplaces.  We are committed to serving our customers and we always look forward to be of service to you!  
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    Collection: EcoSmart Fire
    EcoSmart Product Code: AB3
    Dimensions: 3.7" height x 10.2" diameter
    Material: stainless steel
    Burner AB3: 0.7 gallons, 6 to 8 hrs burn time
    Thermal Output Net: 5800 BTU
    Heats on Average: 20m2 - 215 square feet
    Vent Free: burns clean on bioethanol
    Installation Free: requires no connection
    Easy Fill: safe filling mechanism with filling point
    Heat Regulation: turn it on/off (no flame regulation)
    Safety: ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, EPA compliant
    Warranty: two year warranty
    Product Category: fireplaces, ventless fireplaces
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