Nanimarquina Cuadros Rug Nanimarquina Cuadros Rug

    Nanimarquina Cuadros Rug

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    Nanimarquina Cuadros Rug

    Designer: Nani Marquina
    Manufacturer: Nanimarquina

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    Nanimarquina Cuadros Rug. The Cuadros Rug by Nanimarquina is composed of numerous brightly colored squares which seem to jump off the floor and command attention. Very playful and fun, the Nanimarquina Cuadros rug is a great way to brighten up any room.

    Beauty is governed by special chemistry and mathematical logic. Or is it the other way around? In one of many visits to her Indian collaborators, when observing a sample of wool fibers grouped by tones, Nani Marquina visualized the embryo of one of the firm's most emblematic designs, and, possibly, the design that she herself would choose if she had to choose which child she loved most: Cuadros. Twenty colors forming a magic checkerboard of vibrant colors that create a rhythmic sensation of movement on this checked rug. This design, born from a seemingly accidental combination of shades, actually follows a very specific linear sequence. A decorative melody.

    Truly exquisite designs, brilliant coloring and crisp detailing adorn the magnificent collection from Nani Marquina, designed in Barcelona, Spain. These wonderful artistic rugs will revitalize your room in an instant and will bring sophisticated elegance to any environment. Put them on your floor or display them as art on your wall.

    Almost all Nanimarquina rugs are made from natural materials such as wool or jute, which makes them 100% biodegradable. Each rug is designed in Barcelona, Spain and hand-made in India, Nepal or Pakistan. Nani Marquina produces her rugs with the "Care & Fair label", an organization that since 1995 acts against child labor. All carpets made in India also bear the label of KALEEN, issued by the council of India to guarantee again that no child labor was employed.

  • Size 1: 2'9"'W x 4'5"'L
  • Size 2: 5'7"'W x 7'10"L
  • Size 3: 6'7"W x 9'10"L
  • Size 4: 9'10"W x 13'1"L
  • Fiber: New Zealand Wool
  • Technique: Hand Tufted
  • Density: 46.500 knots per square meter
  • Pile Height: 0.55"
  • Total Height: 0.79"
  • Weight: 9.92 lbs per square meter

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