B-Line Manhattan Martini Glass Modern Bar Stool B-Line Manhattan Martini Glass Modern Bar Stool

    B-Line Manhattan Martini Glass Modern Bar Stool

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    B-Line Manhattan Martini Glass Modern Bar Stools
    Designer: Itamar Harari
    Manufacturer: B-Line

    $799.00  Sale

    This beautiful bar stool features the freshest design we have seen in a very long time! This modern bar stool is made and imported from Italy for unmatched quality and design. The coolest bar stool around! Shaped like a martini glass, complete with an olive which serves as a backrest. The B-Line Manhattan Martini Glass modern bar stools were just introduced but are already high in demand. These contemporary bar stools work great for any space. They are perfect for the kitchen counter or commercial spaces including restaurants, bars, hotels, trade shows, etc. This modern bar stool has a solid satinized and chrome-plated steel frame. The seat is made with resilient polyurethane foam. The olive-shaped lumbar backrest is also used to adjust the height of the seat.

    Available in a wide variety of color arrangements.
    Adjustable height.

    Stardust Modern Design's contemporary furniture collection now includes these fantastic Martini-Glass shaped modern bar stools and bar furniture including tables. The B-Line Manhattan Martini Glass Modern Bar Stools are brand new but they have already become one of our most popular items. They are perfect as kitchen counter stools or as bar stools in restaurants or cafes. These modern bar stools are eye catching, creative in design and competitive in price.

    Lowest seat height excluding back (olive): 23.62"
    Maximum seat height excluding back (olive): 33.46"
    Lowest seat height including back (olive): 30.71"
    Maximum seat height including back (olive): 40.55"

  • Material: steel structure, polyurethane seat

  • These Bar Stools will be upholstered according to your color selection at the workshop in Italy. Therefore, please allow 16 weeks for these bar stools to arrive. Please note that once you submit your order, cancellations are not possible. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required in order to process your order.

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