Replacement Stem Arco Stainless Steel RFU330000 Replacement Stem Arco Stainless Steel RFU330000

    Replacement Stem Arco Stainless Steel RFU330000

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    Arco Replacement Stem/Socket Set by Flos

    Designer: Achille Castiglioni
    Manufacturer: Flos Lighting

    Replacement Stem Arco Stainless Steel RFU330000. Genuine "replacement stem/socket set" for the classic incandescent Arco made by Flos. This replacement stem/socket set will fit any genuine Flos Arco base and Arco shade.

    Stardust is your #1 source for genuine Flos Lighting lamp parts made in Italy. We often get requests from customers who have an original Flos Arco Lamp but who are missing parts or require a replacement part when an original Flos Arco part is damaged. We are therefore pleased to offer these genuine Flos replacement lamp parts made by Flos lighting in Italy.

    Please note that our brand new fully authorized Flos replacement lamp parts will only fit the authentic Flos product. Using the correct parts will eliminate the need for future repairs caused by the improper parts. Make sure you have an original authentic Arco Lamp manufactured by Flos. Beware that our genuine Flos lamp parts will not fit in any unauthorized reproductions. Please note that price is for a replacement stem/socket set only; not for the complete Arco Lamp!

    All our replacement parts are non-returnable/non-refundable so make sure you are buying these parts for an authentic Arco manufactured by Flos.

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    Flos Product Code: RFU330000
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