Andy Warhol Modern Brillo Soap Pad Pouf by Quinze and Milan Andy Warhol Modern Brillo Soap Pad Pouf by Quinze and Milan

    Andy Warhol Modern Brillo Soap Pad Pouf by Quinze and Milan

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    andy warhol brillo pouf by quinze and milan

    Andy Warhol Brillo Brillo Soap Pad Pouf by Quinze and Milan
    Pop Art Brillo Pouf - QM Foam - Silk Screened - Andy Warhol Foundation

    Designer: Andy Warhol
    Manufacturer: Quinze and Milan

    Brillo Pouf from Andy Warhol manufactured by Quinze and Milan under license of the Warhol Foundation. Originally designed by the master of Pop Art in 1964 "Brillo Soap Pad" is a decorative pouf/table with a comfy piece of modern furniture for the living- or bedroom. As an evolution of Warhol's pop art collection, these stylish accent pieces provide a contemporary accent in any home decor.

    Brillo centrepieces, produced by Quinze & Milan, these boxes of Brillo soap pads look like items found in a grocery store. In fact, they are silk screened by hand on medium-density QM foam that makes them very comfortable. Warhol's Brillo sculpture raises questions. What happens when we see the same image over and over again? What effect do advertisements have on us? Do they make us want to buy products? Or do we stop paying attention? Can objects from everyday life also be art? Where do you find art in the world around you? them a contemporary vision and to incorporate them into an industrial process to rescue the human element in a highly mechanized world.

    Wash with a soft cloth and a mixture of a mild detergent and warm water. Recommended for indoor use only. Do not use outdoors: when left outdoors, colors will fade in direct sunlight due to UV light. Price is for one pouf in White or Yellow.

    Collection: Quinze and Milan
    Quinze and Milan Product Code: BRILLO
    Material: QM Foam, Silk Screened.
    Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15 inches
    Weight: 9.8 lbs
    Use: living room
    Product Category: Seating

    Available in Yellow only.
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