Alessi Kastor Desktop Office Pencil Sharpener Alessi Kastor Desktop Office Pencil Sharpener

    Alessi Kastor Desktop Office Pencil Sharpener

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    Code: alessi-kastor-pencil-sharpener

    Alessi Kastor Pencil Sharpener RT02

    Alessi Kastor Pencil Sharpener RT02
    RT02 - Kastor, pencil sharpener - Alessi pencil sharpener

    Designer: Rodrigo Torres
    Manufacturer: Alessi

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    Alessi Kastor Pencil Sharpener. If you are looking for a non-traditional sharpener, this contemporary design is for you! Kastor: a desk pet reinterprets a classic desk typology. A beav-fitting design for the kid in all of us: The Kastor Pencil Sharpener by Alessi offers a playful flair to any animal fanatic's office. Kastor appears in an adorable beaver body complete with paws, eyes, and a tail. This Chrome-plated zamak desk pet is eager to gnaw on dull pencils while acting as a paperweight.

    Pencil sharpener in chrome-plated zamak. The Pencil sharpener Kastor has been designed by Rodrigo Torres. Kastor is poised and ready to gnaw on the tip of the pencil. The design has been studied in great detail: eyes, teeth, paws and tail all contribute to defining the animal’s form. Kastor is practical and easy to use: by placing the pencil in the beaver's mouth, you can sharpen it with extreme ease thanks to the sharpener located inside. Thanks to the Sharpener’s solid construction, it also makes an ideal paperweight.

    Collection: Alessi
    Alessi Product Code: RT02
    Material: chrome-plated zamak
    Finish: mirror-like chrome
    Dimensions: 3.25" H x 4" W x 2" D
    Product Category: office products, pencil sharpeners

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