Ingo Maurer Delirium Yum® - Delirium Yum Lamp Ingo Maurer Delirium Yum® - Delirium Yum Lamp

    Ingo Maurer Delirium Yum® - Delirium Yum Lamp

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    Ingo Maurer Delirium Yum Table Lamp
    Designer: Sebastian Hepting
    Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer

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    With a swirling tank of water, this light is like nothing you've ever seen. Movement, light and water are three elements that appear again and again in Maurer's work. This light was made as a collaboration with his team member Sebastian Hepting. This stunning light is both organic and geometric, with its loose, flowing water and clean, modern design.

    Corian, crystal glass, aluminum mirror. 230/125/12 volts.
    35 watts halogen, socket GU4. External transformer. Internal 15 watts motor. Light and movement of water adjustable. Complete with ball, silver particles, tablets for water preparation, and bulb. A bar at the bottom of the vase creates a swirl of water. Magnetic impulses spin the bar. Speed and intervals of the rotation are adjustable electronically.

  • Size: 36.20"H x 15.75"DIA
  • Material: corian, crystal, glass, aluminum mirror
  • Light Bulb: 1 x 35W HAL base GU4
  • Bulbs included: Yes!

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