Flat Packed Basswood Christmas Tree Kit Flat Packed Basswood Christmas Tree Kit

    Flat Packed Basswood Christmas Tree Kit

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    Flat Packed Small Green Infinite Christmas Tree
    Areaware - Infinite Tree by Johannes Molin - Foldable
    17 x 9.2 x 4.2 inches

    Designer: Johannes Molin
    Manufacturer: Areaware

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    Our Flat Packed Small Green Infinite Christmas Tree presents infinite ways to create your very own modern Christmas Tree - a tree with adjustable branches. The inventive "infinite tree" features a design that allows for plenty of creativity and develops a new way of manipulating the tree's branches to achieve the look you want. A bit of creative enjoyment results in a beautiful yet maintenance-free Christmas (green) tree. Best of all; it stores flat so its easy to unpack and repack during the holidays. Johannes Molin created the Infinite Tree out of his love and memory of the Scandinavian forest as seen through the lens of his degree in mathematics. This tree is designed using measurements from the Golden Ratio, a universal proportional system that is thought to play a role in the human perception of beauty. Packaged in a box which makes it a suitable gift idea.

    Johannes Molin is a Swedish born designer and mathematician. Having spent his youth in the forested countryside of Sweden, he fell in love with the beauty of wood. After graduating from the University of Gothenburg with a degree in mathematics and science, he went on to a career in teaching, furniture making and interior design. Johannes finds inspiration in classic Scandinavian design and the grace and proportions of mathematical expressions. He believes that beauty can be imagined through the purity of algorithms in combination with the idiosyncrasies of wood. Johannes built his own house, finding the most joy in constructing a beautifully twisted staircase from the climbing ash tree of his childhood.

    Collection: Holiday Decorations
    Material: Sustainably harvested bass wood
    Dimensions: 17 x 9.2 x 4.2 inches
    Use: holidays
    Product Category: holiday decorations

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